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Data Engineer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tools & Solutions is an A-to-Z Business Solutions, initiating win-win business solutions for over 500 Organizations, including governmental organizations, for the last ten years.

T&S communication team members turn opportunities into action every day, whether they are developing brand new accounts or expanding on existing ones. Whatever their product, geography, industry, channel, or market segment, their goal is to build relationships with the organization's end-users and generate sales. They represent the direct connection between our groundbreaking portfolio of product solutions and the desks of our satisfied clients.

Currently, we are on the lookout for an Data Engineer that can perform at the top of their game to join us and contribute to our success.

The data engineer, which is an emerging role in data services team, will play a
pivotal role in operationalizing the most urgent data management and analytics initiatives digital business initiatives.

The bulk of the data engineer’s work would be in the building,
managing and optimizing data pipelines and then moving these data pipelines effectively into
production for key data and analytics consumers (like business/data analysts, data scientists,
or any person that needs curated data for data and analytics use cases).
Data engineers also need to guarantee compliance with data governance and data
security requirements while creating, improving, and operationalizing these integrated and
reusable data pipelines. This would enable faster data access, integrated data reuse,

The data engineer will measure their ability to integrate analytics and (or) data science results with business
This role will require both creative and collaborative working with IT and the wider
business. It will involve evangelizing effective data management practices and promoting a
better understanding of data and analytics. The data engineer will also be tasked with working
with key business stakeholders, IT experts, and subject-matter experts to plan and deliver
optimal analytics and data science solutions.
Additionally, data engineers will also be expected to collaborate with data scientists, data
analysts, and other data consumers. They will also work on the models and algorithms
developed to optimize them for data quality, security, and governance and put them into
production, leading to potentially large productivity gains.


o Analyze and organize raw data.

o Build data systems and pipelines.

o Evaluate business needs and objectives.
o Interpret trends and patterns.
o Conduct complex data analysis and report on results.
o Prepare data for prescriptive and predictive modeling.
o Combine raw information from different sources.
o Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability.
o Identify opportunities for data acquisition.
o Develop analytical tools and programs.
o Collaborate with data scientists and architects on several projects.
o Creating systems for collecting data and for processing that data.
o Using Extract Transform Load operations (the ETL / ELT process).
o Researching new methods of obtaining valuable data and improving its quality

Application closing date: 28 Feb 2023

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