AirMap is hiring a

Data Scientist

Santa Monica, United States

The Data Scientist works collaboratively with other members of the AirMap team to create valuable insights from AirMap’s dynamic, global, real-time geospatial database of airspace and flight information.

 Attributes of an AirMap Data Scientist

You know how to analyze data and pull out key insights using data analysis, data mining, optimization tools, and machine learning techniques and statistics.

  • You have current hands-on experience working with large data sets and distributed computing tools (Map/Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Gurobi, MySQL, SAS, HBASE, Cassandra, Excel or similar development platforms).
  • You know how to use Logistic Regression, Linear Models Family (Poisson models, Survival models, Hierarchical models, Naïve-Bayesian estimators), Conjoint Analysis, Spatial models, and Time-series models.
  • You care about providing unique and actionable insights, identifying trends, and finding correlations, and measuring anomalies using statistical and machine learning techniques.
  • You’re good with graphs or visualizations of processed data, identify trends, anomalies.
  • You care about the integrity of the data we provide and the value of the data we receive. You know how to build valuable reporting tools with our data.
  • You’re a doer – you lead by example and are excited by the opportunity to look at unique data.
  • You have experience with programing languages and statistical packages such as Python, Matlab, R, C, C++, Java or Python
  • You’re a good problem solver and a good communicator.

Bonus Points if…

  • You like aviation and drones!
  • You’re proficient with AWS.
  • You have experience building intelligence products