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Data Scientist (Economics/Statistics)

New Delhi, India
Data is at the core of everything we do at SocialCops, and our Data Scientists are the caretakers of this data. Data Scientists at SocialCops love to work with the most difficult, interesting data sets and use their analytical skills to create adaptable data products that can be useful to a large number of organizations, rather than solving a few companies' isolated problems. They first think of scaling data processes, then they scale intelligent algorithms to help some of the influential decision makers around the world make important decisions more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, our Data Scientists not only create their own data products and tools but are also essential to continuously improving our own data intelligence platform.


  • We solve problems using the most unstructured data. While everyone is talking about big data, we often use unstructured small and big data to drive critical decisions. Sometimes all we need is 15 GBs of Census data to understand the socio-economic conditions of every village, rather than 15 TBs of Facebook data.
  • We spend our time building predictive models to solve the world's critical problems, not building algorithms to understand whether people will like a post or share a link. Our models help organizations target female-led agriculture households with the programs they need, open new LPG distribution centers to reach all Below Poverty Line women in India, drive rapid social and economic development at the household level, and more.
  • Data science comes easy to us, but unfortunately data often doesn't. We get data in local languages, in 700-page Hindi PDF files, and in corrupt folders. Sometimes we need to download thousands of Excel sheets from hundreds of government web pages to create the perfect data set to drive better decisions.
  • We think scale. There are so many critical problems in today's world, so we can't tackle them inefficiently. If we solve a problem once, we've solved it forever. This lets us focus on tackling new problems rather than dealing with the same problem again and again. 


  • Because you are patient in working with the most unstructured data and believe in building scalable algorithms.
  • Because you have learned data science and are now eager to use your skills to create data products with expert support.
  • Because you are a data nerd who loves to delve deep into data sets (preferably using R or Python) and drive useful, innovative insights.
  • Because you want to build the world's most innovative, resilient data platform.
  • Because you have a background and strong interest in economics, statistics, mathematics, computer science or related fields. 
  • Because you prefer mashing up different types of datasets: socio-economic, spatial, financial, etc. to get the most useful insights.


  • This position is for data enthusiasts who have 2-3 years experience using statistical methods and data science algorithms to solve problems, using diverse data sets sourced by government and international organizations, spatial satellites, company records, social media, and more.
  • If you are a business analyst or statistician who is learning open analytical tools, or a computer scientist who loves statistics, please apply to our Data Associate position.  


  • Learn about the data processes and how data product development happens at SocialCops.
  • Work to support the Research and Analysis team on building and scaling up our data platform.
  • Work on 2-3 different data sets.
  • Improve your data analysis skills.


  • Embark on building new components of our data platform and create your own algorithms, with the support of a Senior Analyst or Economist.
  • Give product feedback to the Data Engineering team.
  • Work on data sets from two or more industries.
  • Improve your data science skills through team learning sessions. 


  • Create algorithms and indexes for multiple products, with the support of a Senior Analyst or Economist.
  • Manage all the data and drive our growth for one or more industries.
  • Train and mentor other Data Scientists on the team.
  • Represent and launch our work externally and speak about your work in data science meetups and conferences.
  • Explore new areas of data science and lead new data initiatives in the company.

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SocialCops is a data intelligence company that powers leaders in United Nations, Gates Foundation, Unilever and 150+ organizations. We have been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, a Fortune magazine cover, and as one of India's top 10 emerging startups. Our platform is currently used in 17 countries in South Asia and Africa.

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