InMotion is hiring a

Data Scientist

London, United Kingdom

What we’re looking for

We are hiring a Data Scientist to solve real data analysis problems with statistical and machine learning techniques, developing predictive modelling, optimisation techniques and algorithms for InMotion to support venture growth

Working as part of our technical team, you’ll be our Data Scientist-in-residence and all-round Analytical Guru. With your brilliant understanding of statistical and machine learning techniques, you’ll help us solve real data analysis problems. Intelligent use of data is central to the success of InMotion and its ventures. Your role will be pivotal for us help our ventures grow, while also spotting new innovation opportunities from the data they generate and collect. You will help us make sense from our data, generate insights to inform our strategy.

With your exceptional technical ability combined with strong commercial sense, you will work on cutting edge predictive modelling and optimisation techniques. You will look at transactional data, trend analysis, pattern recognition and ultimately matching the customer to the right product, developing the algorithms required to help our services deliver the best experience to the customer. You will ensure the insights you discover are true business insights that can be acted upon to create value.

You’ll work closely with the rest of the technical team, to support the creation of MVPs, to generate customer validated learnings to help the team shape and develop the product concept. You’ll set the benchmark for all other data scientists to follow, to develop our predictive modelling and optimisation, which then all our ventures will follow.

You’ll develop and implement an InMotion data blueprint across a range of ventures. You’ll work closely to support venture development and their data modelling capabilities, overseeing the direction and implementation of your blueprint to drive their growth and optimise statistical and machine learning capabilities. You will be hands-on to explore questions, formulate them as hypotheses, test them with statistics and present insights with actionable information across a broad range of topics.

What the role will have to deliver

Work across InMotion as data and machine learning expert
- Provide thought leadership and perspective to the incubator
- Explore how latest thinking in topics like Bayesian inference and NLP can be applied to real-life problems
- Identify new ideas/business opportunities and feedback into the Lab

Support the idea generation process to develop service ideas
- Work with Product Leaders to develop and mature service concepts
- Work in internal sprint teams to test and experiment with concepts
- Support MVPs and prototypes to generate customer learnings
- Support experiments to drive data

Develop our data strategy to capture, centralise and mine for insights across activities and ventures
- Build statistical models to predict demand against different variable (geography, attribute etc.)
- Apply machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to understand consumer behaviour
- Analyse transactional data, event logs, trend analysis, pattern recognition and customer matching
- Devise, implement, and analyse the results of A/B tests on the product
- Build tools for collecting, aggregating, and analysing data from a large variety of sources

Lead algorithm and predictive modelling for InMotion and ventures
- Develop contextual modelling techniques to enable a more personalised customer experience

Create and define data analysis guidelines to guide ventures in incubator
- Develop predictive modelling principles and playbook
- Support Venture Partners with technical expertise as required
- Act as data and machine learning consultant to guide ventures in incubator
- Collaborate with ventures to evaluate data analysis requirements