Tractable is hiring a

Data Scientist

London, United Kingdom

The unprecedented rate of advancement in computer vision brought about by deep learning in the past 3 years means that today, computers can surpass human performance on a range of tasks. Tractable is pioneering AI for Computer Vision, based in London and backed by Silicon Valley venture capital. We are taking these breakthroughs from the research lab to the real world. We work with international insurance companies providing AI to lower insurance premiums and ensure that people get the right help when things go wrong and in the UK we are working with national infrastructure providers to make water and electricity distribution networks safer and more reliable.


We are looking for passionate data scientists who can take full ownership over their product and pursue constant improvement regardless if that requires reimplementing the infrastructure underpinning the project or figuring out how to obtain more data to enable better ML. You will be working with datasets of sizes ranging from millions to hundreds of millions, and you will be able to leverage these in support of our research efforts to improve existing products, as well as explore new possible product opportunities.