Virtually Live is hiring a

Data Scientist

San Francisco, United States

The concept

Virtually Live is a revolutionary, immersive technology which sits between attending a live game or event and watching it on TV. Our patented media system uses tracked statistical data and transposes it into a virtual venue. These productions may include sporting events in which the objects are players, balls or vehicles. Equally, performers can be tracked in live events such as music festivals, concerts and religious festivals.

Initially, Virtually Live is focused on delivering a variety of sport experiences including soccer and motor racing. Data is streamed optically from multiple cameras or via GPS in real-time to track the positions of the actors in the event. This data is used to compute the positions and trajectories of all of the actors in the event and then render the event in a virtual stadium allowing any number of virtual participants to attend the event live. Through the Virtually Live participant-interface, one can witness the event from any angle including the POV of a race car driver, any player on the pitch. Participants can access all parts of the Virtual Stadium, make micro-transactions to buy the latest virtual fan merchandise for their personal avatar and interact with other virtual participants.

The problem

The crux of the problem is in processing the real-time data obtained from sensors in the real world into information rich enough to create VR experiences. The first challenge is related to data integrity - although technology is continually improving, tracking data cannot be completely accurate. Moreover due to the use of independent data capture methods, the data is frequently inconsistent. These data integrity issues need to be identified and corrected using a variety of analytical approaches. Another challenge is to determine the actions and/or events from the data streams by applying feature engineering and machine learning techniques to the game data. The relatively large number (dozens) of possible events of interest make this especially challenging. Finally, these methods have to be implemented into a low latency data processing engine for real-time viewership.


As a data scientist you will work in a multi-disciplinary, international team on the challenging problems described above. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Perform specialized/advanced data analysis to develop algorithms for sense-checking of real time streams
  • Propose algorithms for correction of live sports tracking data. 
Understand systematic and random sources of errors and build algorithms to handle these while honoring various physical and event constraints
  • Apply machine learning techniques on large data sets of sports data to identify events of interest in data
  • Define a reusable toolkit and best practices for data processing of real time streaming data
  • Identify new datasets, problems; Propose, prove and implement out-of-the-box ideas for solving problems never solved before!
  • Contribute to defining the logic of the production system depending on the integrity of the data 


  • Higher degree in a quantitative discipline, e.g., engineering/computer science/statistics/applied mathematics/physics. Prefer background in one of the following - real time sensor data applications (e.g. wearables, IOT etc.), computer vision, robotics, signal processing, machine learning, simulation, tracking etc.
  • Experience handling large and high-dimensional data sets
  • Advanced programming experience

Ideal Skills

  • Extensive programming in an analytical language/framework - Python, R, Matlab etc.
  • Demonstrable passion for sports 

  • Passionate about technology development, particularly virtual reality 

  • Keen to work in a startup culture
  • Interested in the entertainment industry and positive about social media 

What We Can Offer You

  • Working within a remarkably diverse environment with an equally remarkable diverse 
group of international colleagues all of whom are passionate about developing novel technologies.
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Comprehensive Health Care Benefits including Medical, Dental & Vision at no cost to the employee!
  • A generous PTO policy
  • Monthly Healthy Lifestyle & Commuter Reimbursements
  • 401K Plan

About Virtually Live

Virtually Live is the next generation media for global fans to experience and enjoy live sports and events.

Founded by a track-record team responsible for some of the top media and technology businesses in Europe (Neuropro, TVN, SuperAwesome,, Intuit, Vungle), the company’s partners include some of the biggest names in Sports and Positional Tracking data.

Virtually Live is based in San Francisco, with offices in Seattle, Zürich, London and Spain. For more information please visit or see our Angel List profile.