MediaMonks is hiring a

Database Engineer at MediaMonks HILV

Hilversum, Netherlands

MediaMonks is in search of an English-speaking Database Engineer to help organise all online data for one of our biggest clients.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Write new database programs and maintain existing programs to ensure they can handle the flow of traffic and the amount of data being stored in the database.
  • Design new databases based on company needs, data storage needs, and the number of users accessing the database.
  • Continuously monitor databases and related systems to ensure high functionality.
  • Write new support programs and scripts for databases to increase data storage capacity and fix existing database problems.
  • Troubleshoot code, checking for potential problems that affect database functionality and related database programs.
  • Look through coding language to debug existing database scripts and programs.
  • Review daily, weekly, and monthly database reports, including user reports and systems information, to spot problems and ensure that all databases and support systems are working at peak levels.
  • Analyze data from the client and mould it so the marketing-driven outlets can use as needed.