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Designer - (Graphic, UI, Production) Contract


Why Write of Passage?

We’re looking for the brightest talent to join us in creating the best writing school in the world.

Write of Passage began in 2019 as an experiment: How do we teach writing for the Internet Age?

We’ve run nine online cohorts of our flagship course in three years. Over 1,500 students worldwide have learned a system for publishing quality ideas, connecting with like-minded people, and elevating their careers through writing on the Internet. Our graduates are using online writing to build audiences, launch businesses, and make an impact—living life on their terms!

Write of Passage is now considered the gold standard for community-driven, cohort-based, online courses. And, we’re growing. Our vision is to build a global platform for writing instruction in the 21st century while delivering the best educational experience in the world.

Designer - Contractor

If you want to create awe-inducing designs that communicate the future of online education, then we want to chat with you.

We are not just building a writing school, we’re building an independent media company. The quality bar at Write of Passage is extra high. We know how demanding it is to make good design pieces and we value the deep work, craft and artistry that enables it. 

What You’ll Be Doing

We're looking to build a roster of design specialists who'll support Marketing, Production and Product teams.

In this role, you will:

  • Create graphic assets for ads, videos, websites and course materials

  • Continuously develop and enhance our brand assets

  • Implement our branding to every visual piece we make

Examples of design pieces you will create:


  • Social media posts & ads

  • Website banner ads

  • Headers

  • Thumbnails (videos, web articles etc)

  • Cover arts

  • Organized Illustrator/Photoshop boards for motion design segments


  • Landing pages

  • Website elements

  • Custom icons


  • Powerpoint/Google Slide templates

  • Backgrounds for various purposes (Zoom, Wallpapers and such)

  • Infographics and flowcharts

PS: we're not looking for a one-size-fits-all professional. If you are skilled in any of these areas, we’d love to see your application.

Why You?

You’ll love this role if:

  • You thrive on feedback and striving towards the best deliverable possible.

  • You get an adrenaline rush from exploring new aesthetics, and love to challenge yourself to go beyond your creative comfort zone.

  • You’re an experimenter and innovator. Your life revolves around refining your taste.

  • You enjoy collaboration with writers, video editors and product designers.

  • You see a visual piece that doesn't look quite right and feel the urge to (respectfully) share your thoughts on how to make it better.

You’ll dislike this role if:

  • You want to download a template from Freepik and tweak its colors.

  • You want to create 100 versions of the same Instagram carrousel structure.

  • You want to be told exactly what everything should look like, down to the stroke width.

  • You only work with one specific software and don’t feel like testing out other tools.

  • You hesitate to iterate on a piece you’ve put a lot of work into.

Our Values

Students first: We do what we do for the students. We’re obsessed with feedback in all directions, and we’re okay doing some things that don’t scale.

Second to none: Excellence is non-negotiable. Quality wins—details matter. Our goal is to provide the best learning experience in the world.

Hearts on fire: Obsessions, welcome. Passion, enthusiasm, and deep convictions loosely held add texture to our people and culture. Bring it.

Writers always: Founded on the power of online writing, this will always be our foundation. We maintain a writing practice to stay connected with our students and ourselves.

Work With Us

We’re a group of whip-smart, talented believers who move quickly yet thoughtfully. We’re exuberant about our work and the obscure personal interests we pursue.

This isn't your average corporate job. You'll have loads of autonomy within a culture of feedback and collaboration. We leave our egos at the door and help one another thrive.

Our students and employees are top-caliber folks with lofty visions and influence. We’re privately owned, so we call the shots. And like the 1927 Yankees, we’re an all-star team.

We’re very ambitious, but that drive never compromises our loyalty to our students and one another. Write of Passage will always be a delightful place to work.


  • This is a remote contractor role paying $40/ hour

We’re confident this will be some of the most meaningful and enjoyable work you do in your career. Please, join Us! —The Write of Passage Team

Hey, before you go, enjoy this (short!) video showing how much Write of Passage means to students.

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