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Development Lead

San Francisco, United States
StatusPage is looking for a stellar individual to join our Denver-based development team as a development lead.

The company is 11 people right now, getting started in 2013 with a simple goal: help make the internet break less. Step 0 is where we're at right now - make it dead simple for companies to talk to each other better when they're having unexpected downtime, performance issues, or during scheduled maintenance. We ship a lot of code to help in this goal, and we're excited about continuing to grow the team this year.

This role is half people, half code, with a slant toward planning and architecture on the code side. You will be expected to work closely with the other engineers every day, providing mentorship and making sure the dev team is a well-oiled machine. The other main function will be working with product planning and the CEO for scoping, launch timing, and making sure we can pull off a level of product quality that we're proud of.

Your P&L will be the dev speed, how well we're keeping up with test coverage, upholding the SLAs we have around traffic and email/SMS delivery that we have with our larger customers, and maintaining a healthy balance between technical debt and trying new things.

Our current tech stack consists of

  • Ruby and Rails application, hosted on AWS via EC2
  • Backed by Postgres, Redis, Memcache, S3
  • Served via Fastly, Unicorn, ELB
  • Backgrounded with lots and lots of Sidekiq

Our current planning stack consists of

  • Asana as our checklist/listofthings/prioritizer tool
  • Pipelines for bugs, infrastructure, small upgrades, big roadmap upgrades, and tech debt, all serviced concurrently
  • Standup every day, wing it for planning, know the product and take ownership over features, ship things when they bring happiness to our customers
  • (this is where you'll be doing lots of work)

Qualifications and things that will make you great for this role

  • 5+ years experience architecting, configuring, and deploying teams that ship production-grade applications to cloud environments
  • Experience having direct reports, and the proper care and feeding thereof
  • A temper for establishing and cultivating the flavor of Agile that will work with our team, and not prescribing a religion
  • Work with peers to allocate shared DevOps folks, set priorities for new development and cleanup work
  • Love for team building, mentoring, and growing an organization with a healthy culture and a curiosity for life and technology

Some of the projects you'll be working on to start

  • What is scrum? Baby, don't hurt me... (decide on planning, and what will work best for us without the implied religion)
  • Pull requests? Code review? Squash merges or keep the branch history?
  • Moving toward a multi-datacenter, eventually consistent approach to the data
  • How to measure development performance, and methods for rewarding our highest performers
  • Onboarding paths for new developers, how to get them spun up the safest and fastest way

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