Agoda is hiring a

Development Manager - Web Performance Engineering

Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Thailand


Agoda is one of the leading technology companies, not only in the industry but the world. We want candidates who have the need for speed, and appreciate that a faster website means a better customer experience. The right candidate has experience creating lightning quick websites using best practice and the latest technologies. You will know how to create scalable infrastructure and architecture ensuring content is measured in milliseconds not seconds and delivering an uninterrupted customer experience.

Part manager, part technical lead, part researcher, part evangelist. The role involves developing and experimenting the most optimal way to deliver web pages and content to the customer as fast as possible on any device or browser. You will be a technical leader able to rapidly prototype, measure and deliver best practice for high performance website development.



Candidates will be exposed to the business side, and be able to measure the true value of their work. As a technology evangelist you will have to identify areas for optimization, then research and prototype solutions to develop best practices to propagate across the website development teams. You will be required to analyze and tune bottlenecks in code, content delivery and on the full array of browsers and client.


Key Skills:

  • Previous experience in a Web Performance role
  • Experience of running a team (min 6)
  • Explain the full flow of Navigation Timings and how each step can impact the customer and how to measure and monitor this information.
  • Exceptional OO and software development.
  • Deep understanding of web protocols and networking.
  • Web application design, architecture and optimization.
  • Database tuning and stored procedure optimization.
  • Understand browser behavior and events and how browsers interpret HTML, CSS, DOM etc. to produce pages on any device as fast as possible.
  • Experience designing high traffic websites.
  • Knowledge of broadband, 3G and 4G Networks as well as how traffic passes through internet exchanges is a considered a plus.


Every millisecond counts. We want innovative ideas about how browsers can render content in milliseconds, that we can process TB’s of data in minutes, or how to architect the server side to support tens of thousands of requests a second.


Technologies of interest (we are not expecting you to have them all):

  • Java (or other JVM languages), C#
  • js, JavaScript, Gulp
  • HTML and CSS and SASS
  • Memcached, Redis
  • Cassandra, Hadoop
  • MySQL, SQLServer, Postgres

A good standard of English both written and spoken is required.


Please note this role is open to both Thai and International candidates.