CommerceHub is hiring a

DevOps Engineer

CommerceHub is hiring a highly determined DevOps Engineer to report to the Director of Technical Operations. We’re looking for someone with a love of learning and a commitment to improve who is highly motivated to demonstrate their mastery of software engineering principles, modern software development methodologies and best practices around security.This role is ideal for anyone who loves to solve very hard problems. 


The role can be summed up as: Using Linux, security, and infrastructure management skills, you’ll put your creative faculties to use to securely deliver billions of business critical pieces of data every day.

We’ll assume that in order to do this you are very experienced in:Be able to create scripts in bash, python or nodejs

Apply the latest industry advancements to improve infrastructure reliability, scalability, performance, and repeatability of setup and deployment

Take responsibility for infrastructure setup, configuration, deployment, and maintenance

Create and maintain automated systems for continuous integration and continuous deployment

Create and maintain monitoring and alerting solutions to ensure that any unexpected issues are promptly identified and escalated

Support configuration management, quality assurance, and cybersecurity throughout the release cycle in an DevSecOps Agile environment

Participate in on-call rotation 

If you can do that, we would love to speak with you.

A strong candidate will be able to:

Show examples of their experience with managing the security and maintenance enterprise scale infrastructure.

Show experience creating and maintaining automated systems for continuous deployment.

Show examples of infrastructure update projects you have led that have performed very well, and others where the results have been underwhelming. You’ll be able to tell us what you learned from these experiences.

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