Fuse Universal is hiring a

DevOps Engineer

Cape Town, South Africa

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer that will help us to optimise our infrastructure, maintain current systems and help to implement the new technology stack. The size and complexity of our systems require dedicated set of skills that our tech team can rely on, helping us to efficiently deliver and run our platform.

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintain and develop existing tech infrastructure for all environments and all systems.
  • Recommend and implement improvements along with new infrastructure components for existing and new applications.
  • Keep infrastructure up to date with newer technologies.
  • Troubleshoot issues, incidents and respond to alerts.
  • Obsess over monitoring and performance.
  • Maintain and improve security practices.
  • Manage day-to-day infrastructure operations.
  • Liaise with developers in order to create CI/CD workflows that lead to efficient delivery.


Key Skills:

  • Solid knowledge about web technology stacks
  • Good communication skills with different teams and people with varied technical knowledge levels
  • Passionate about new web technologies and comfortable with learning new technologies
  • Good planning and self-organisation skills
  • A natural enable, a pusher and not a blocker
  • Great attention to details
  • Ability to share knowledge and train people
  • Ability to provide feedback in a positive way

Key Experience:

  • AWS - Multiple workflows in production experience
  • Modern Cloud Concepts
  • Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS)
  • Docker
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • Ruby App Servers: Puma, Unicorn
  • Load balancing (layer 4 and 7) / Networking
  • CI + CD Pipelines / Development workflows
  • Log and Exception Management
  • Exposure to development on Ruby/NodeJS/Python
  • Performance analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Git / Github
  • No Downtime deployments
  • Bash

Some experience on the following would be awesome:

  • SQS/SNS, MongoDB / DynamoDB, Aurora
  • Asynchronous queue/message bus - RabbitMQ / ActiveMQ
  • 12 Factor Apps
  • Testing frameworks (terratest, InSpec)
  • APM
  • Elasticsearch / SOLR
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Jenkins
  • Config management tool ( puppet / chef / ansible )
  • Kubernetes
  • Web security concepts
  • Ruby development - Rails/Sinatra/Sidekiq
  • Load Testing
  • GoLang


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