Vimond Media Solutions is hiring a

DevOps engineer

Bergenhus, Norway

Vimond offers a cloud based platform for video content management and delivery, used by  broadcasters, distributors and content owners around the world to efficiently manage their online OTT and live video services. In addition we have Vimond IO, a revolutionary cloud based, frame-accurate and high quality video storytelling application running in your own browser. 

We are part of the Norwegian Media Cluster and our headquarters are located in beautiful Bergen, Norway, with branch offices in New York and Sydney.

As we are moving towards a model where our development teams are more stream-aligned, we are looking for a DevOps/infrastructure engineer or DevOps-minded developer for our Engineering teams. 

Therefore if you recite religiously the 12 factors before going to bed, if you rely on facts (e.g: the state of DevOps report) before taking decisions rather than using your gut feeling, if you continuously learn from the top players (Netflix, Google, ...) and strike to reduce the gap between them and us, then you will be a perfect fit for the team.

You value information feedback from our live production systems so we can rapidly improve our software and develop a heightened responsiveness to customers and users.

The ideal candidate should

  • Be self-teaching, self-reliant and independent
  • Be engaged, care about the product and your colleagues
  • Have empathy for the developer experience 
  • Keep in mind that anything can go wrong at any time and prepare for the worst 
  • Have the "shift left on security" spirit ( As they say in Microsoft: "If you have the choice between working on a new feature and improve security, improve security!")
  • Full stack ownership (You should be able to troubleshoot from the first call to our DNS server to our backend system)
  • Take initiative
  • Good at experimenting with new stuff
  • Be a good teammate!

Technical qualifications

  • You should be familiar with Linux/Unix systems
  • Have experience with containers and Kubernetes
  • Proficient in at least one programming language (Go, Java, Node and .NET)
  • Good familiarity with the AWS portfolio (You eat the AWS news blog for breakfast)
  • Experience with one Infrastructure as code tool. Terraform or Ansible would be preferred

What you will do

  • Help building a platform that scales for tomorrow's needs
  • Ensure that our infrastructure is reliable, resilient and self-healing
  • Automate all manual toil
  • Set up the tooling needed for running disaster recovery
  • Be involved in keeping our platform locked and secured
  • Build tools to support developers productivity
  • Ensure we enforce best practices
  • Improve our CI/CD pipeline to make change promotion so safe and easy that an 8 years old could do it
  • Keep an eye on everything that could help us to be more cost-effective and maximize our resource utilization
  • Make sure that we have a solid observability

What we offer

  • A diverse and inclusive work environment that values soft skills as much as hard skills
  • A place in an international company with great minds to match your own
  • The opportunity to participate in creating and shaping tomorrow’s streaming service experiences together with our customers

Vimond will give you all the professional development you’re wishing for, lots of work - and exciting challenges!

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume together with a cover letter, using the provided link. For questions, please contact Hjalti Gislason, VP VIA Engineering, [email protected]

Deadline: 3. February 2021