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DevOps Engineer

Indore, India

MSG91 process millions of API per day, critical behaviour in relation to uptime, we need an experienced devOps who can work under any situation and help team to speed up development.

You will be responsible for the infrastructure of our cloud communication Platform. It is a small, versatile and passionate team, tackling new problems as we continue to push our technology forward. You will help/lead in building the pipeline of the infrastructure that allows the team to develop and test software in the cloud quickly.


This profile is responsible for-

  1. Architecture review and refactor
  2. Fallback ready system
  3. Tools configuration for marketing/support/development team to help them analyse data AND giving analysis to concerned team proactively
  4. Automation
  5. Help team to follow best practices
  6. Participate in hands on coding on various languages - php, java, python.
  7. Perform thorough and thoughtful code reviews for other engineers on your team
  8. Help building the perfect CI/CD pipeline for our managed AWS services allowing developers to push their changes to code with high confidence.
  9. Help build monitoring solutions that keeps our systems health in check and page when necessary.
  10. Help troubleshoot and optimize our backend services.
  11. Work with your Engineering Manager, Principal Engineer, and Senior Engineers to understand priorities and roadmap.
  12. Internalize the set of good habits (development techniques, TDD, security, and tech debt balance, agile habits) that drive high-end engineering excellence.
  13. Share your knowledge and ensure the security, operability, quality, and scalability of your work.

    Our stack includes:
    PHP, Java, Python, Mysql, MongoDb, Redis, APC, Memcache, Elastic cache, AWS services such as S3, EC2 and more, Nginx, Apache tomcat, RabbitMQ

About You-

  • Typically, 3-5 years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of experience and education
  • Knowledge of two or more of the following languages: php, Java, or Python
  • Experience building APIs and data delivery mechanisms for applications such as web dashboards, alerting & health systems, mobile applications, and third party integrations
  • Advanced ability to craft clear and concise documentation
  • Knowledge of the AWS stack (Terraform, EC2, RDS, SQS, Route 53, S3, Kinesis etc) and IaaS (Terraform is a must)
  • Ability to design and manage CI / CD pipelines
  • Experience with relational, non-relational, and time-series data stores
  • Experience in database development (relational or NoSql)
  • Experience in building software, tests, code review etc.


  • Exposure to modern machine learning tools, techniques, and frameworks
  • Knowledge of Docker & Kubernetes
  • Experience with developing and deploying cloud applications.


At Walkover, we do what motivates us to do, and more importantly, for everything that we do, we ask ourselves WHY.We don't hire people for work that can be done by machines. We believe in outsourcing; we believe in tools and software; we believe in automation.

The happiness of our team is our priority. No hierarchy; nothing is forced. And, we try to add our bit in making this world better by producing and consuming things in an environmentally sustainable manner.

This is us, this is Walkover.

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