Clink is hiring a

DevOps engineer

Hyderabad, India

We are looking for an experienced developer with an interest in infrastructure management and automation to join as a DevOps engineer.

Job Description:

  • Will be coordinating with the entire team to maintain Continuous Delivery across all our clients
  • Responsible for building automated systems to manage the infrastructure and fail-overs
  • Responsible for setting up QA framework for Load Tests, PEN Tests etc
  • Take initiative and estimate the budgets for our running environments and optimize the infrastructure accordingly
  • Will be working primarily in the cloud (across cloud providers)
  • Responsible for deploying a large cluster of secure systems


  • 2+ years relevant experience
  • Must be able to code and script. (Preferably in Shell/Ruby)
  • Must be familiar with Open Source tools present in order to manage the physical layer. 
  • Must be familiar with at least Chef or Puppet (Most common infrastructure management tools)
  • Must have knowledge on basic infrastructure security. 
  • Strong grasp of automation tools.
  • Must have Data Management skills in order to orchestrate and move around large amounts of data

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