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DevOps Engineer - Virtualization and distributed systems

Are you used to spinning up an environment out of nothing but some YAML, a console and a prayer? Is "Container" an anagram of your middle name? When you hear 'Docker' are your first thoughts not of pants? Then we might be looking for you.

Workstate seeks DevOps engineers with experience working in both startup and enterprise modes and perhaps some experience with or significant interest in Big Data technologies, particularly Hadoop, Kafka, HBase and Flume.

You will be part of a team of enthusiastic developers, architects and automators putting together automated, "as-a-service" type big data platforms. A lot of new ground will be broken so an interest in learning new skills and technologies will be an important part of our evaluation.

This position is with our Columbus, OH office. We are located across from the North Market and close to Short North and Downtown / Arena District lunch and entertainment options. We have a team lunch every Friday where we share what we've been working on throughout the week and discuss new technology, tools and techniques that excite us.

This position is only available to US residents based in the continental US who are eligible to work for any employer without visa sponsorship or transfer now or in the future.


  • BA/BS in computer science or equivalent experience in the Information Technology field
  • Comfort with Unix and/or Linux system use and administration (sudo rm -rf . /)
  • Familiarity with virtualization & cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP, VMWare
  • Knowledge of containerization and orchestration tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, etc.
  • Experience with configuration management tools like Ansible and Puppet
  • Understanding of distributed job runners like Jenkins
  • Heard of Ruby, RSpec, Serverspec
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience with scripting languages and automation of processes
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and teaming skills, including the ability to work effectively in agile / scrum environment.
  • Demonstrated interest and ability to quickly learn new technologies

Bonus round:

  • Experience with Hadoop application development, including the Cascading framework or Spark and other components such as Kafka, HBase, Flume, etc.
  • Experience with OpenStack cloud computing or other private cloud infrastructure is highly desired.


Who are you, Workstate?

Workstate is a technology consulting company, built by technologists, for technologists. Throughout our 20-year history we’ve been on a mission to create the best home for people who love to build. Who are we? We’re builders.

How we build.

At Workstate, building doesn’t just apply to technology.
We apply it to everything we do -- building relationships, skillsets, retirement accounts, technical knowledge, music collections, recipe files, dad joke collections, movie recommendations, travel logs, childhood toy recollections … and more. So much more. We build to last.

But, the technology...

No matter what we’re building, the technology forms the backbone of all our projects. We’re not purists, though. We choose the technology to fit the circumstance; we don’t force the circumstance into a preferred tech stack. We love to build, and we love to learn new ways to build. In any given project, you may find yourself working with:

  • Full stack application frameworks like .NET, JEE, PHP MVC (Symfony, Laravel, Yii, &c.)
  • Technologies for moving and analyzing data, such as Python, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Kafka, RabbitMQ, clustered, and highly scalable systems.
  • Native, serverless cloud solutions on any of the big three: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • State of the art SDLC techniques utilizing CI/CD, build automation, orchestration tools, you name it.

A comprehensive list would be impossible. Containers? Got ‘em. Machine Learning? That pops up, too. And, so on.

Our Culture

We love building. We get to build all day at work. Therefore, we love coming to work. But we emphasize home, family and personal time as essential to overall well-being. This is reflected in our benefits:

  • Health, Dental, Vision and Life insurance plans
  • Most Federal holidays
  • Ample paid time off
  • Sick time as needed

Are we for you?

We like it here, but we recognize we’re not for everyone. We’re not just here to write code. We’re here to build lasting relationships with delighted clients. This requires strong interpersonal skills, a collaborative mindset, organizational savvy, and a talent for circumventing and resolving conflict.

This is not to say that we expect everyone to have these skills fully developed upon hire. If the thought of developing and utilizing these skills is appealing, then we might be for you.

What else, what else, what else...

What else? Our headquarters is across the street from the historic North Market, at the intersection of the Short North and Downtown Columbus. We’re a five minute walk from Nationwide Arena. Oh, and we have free parking for all our employees, also available over the weekend and after hours.

We have a catered team lunch in our office every Friday where people working at a client site converge with people working in the office to reconnect, swap stories, and talk about what they’ve been doing.

We throw a pretty enjoyable, family-friendly, year end party. The past few years we’ve rented out a party tower at Nationwide Arena for a hockey game.

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