SKIO Music is hiring a

Devops / Secops / Architect / Super Geek

Vancouver, Canada

Exact title to be determined


At SKIO we believe in simplicity and creativity. So, we’ve made it easier to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime you like. Share music with artists and producers from around the world; find inspiration in their sounds and let them bring yours to new markets and genres. If you want to be part of a movement to digitize the music business, join our high-performance team!



A talented geek ready for a challenge. You are a lifer, grew up breaking and building things, opening your radio as a kid to see how it works and making fans or electric cars out of it. You will play an important role in our company, and we only bring on the best. Your personality and positive outlook matters just as much as your elite talents do, bring the whole package. You will be a T-1000 Veliociraptor with missiles turrets and laserbeam eyes.



This is an organic position, meaning you are an expert at wearing multiple hats and proudly rock a Legendary Unicorn status with every project in your past, present and future. We will push your boundries and challenge you to your limits, keeping you out of your comfort zone until you realize you never had a comfort zone, then you will eat T-Rex for breakfast. A few of the things you could be working on are listed below, they could change, expand, redact, we don’t make promises on your long term projects so be open to learning a new technology and applying it with expert sophistication at any given time, just like Batman. This is how we operate, you will become a lethal weapon among our ranks, minus the utility belt. No seriously please don’t come in to work with a utility belt. But +10 points if you do.

  • Help architect, design and build for the cloud
  • Code frameworks and toolkits for Devops / Secops / Developers
  • Automate infrastructure, security, backups with code
  • SIEM / OSINT / Logging / Alerting / Threat Hunting
  • DFIR / Patching / Compliance / Audits
  • Threat / Risk Assessment
  • Hacking / Web Sec / Cloud / Systems / Networking / Mac / Windows / Linux
  • Documentation and diagrams
  • You will code, hack, build, break, and be a champion of intellectually challenging and pushing our technical vision.



- A lifetime of 200% legendary geek.
- Networking, Virtualization, Security, Systems Admin, Threat hunting, AWS Cloud
- Windows, Linux, Mac - All flavours
- Terraform / Ansible / Bash / Python / Javascript
- Webcode / Websec / Hacking



You will be a comic book geek, movie fanatic, or video game expert. We fly our geek flags high and proud.



We are in the heart of downtown on beautiful Robson street. Lots of natural light in our offices, great positive energy, stress free environment. On the flip side you will sharpen your skillsets here to a dragon status. We are building new technologies and are on the bleeding edge of devops / security, elevating the standards daily.

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