Cancer IQ is hiring a

DevOps Security Engineer - Kubernetes, Google Cloud II

Chicago, United States

-Jeff Hammerbacher

Are you obsessed with software technology? How about saving lives? Yes? Read on.

In the high cost world of oncology, trial and error treatment is still the norm despite enormous advances in genomic medicine. Patients are given one-size-fits-all treatments that lead to poor outcomes.

CancerIQ is building intelligent analytical technologies aimed to optimize cancer risk prediction, prevention, and treatment. We do this by providing care providers with workflow tools built upon informed decision engines and data-driven classification models. Our mission strives to engage and educate patients, and guide them through the complex, convoluted, and intimidating journey of cancer prevention.

How do you fit in?

We use a mixture of technologies, and focus on those that help us get jobs done most efficiently. We leverage the latest platform technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker to enable developers to deliver software written in any language. We currently run microservices written in Ruby, Rust, Elixir, Javascript, and C++. Adhering to strong modularity fundamentals requires solid architectures and tooling. You will be working to support and redefine the continuous delivery infrastructure of the CancerIQ platform, while developing solutions that can incorporate microservices, linux containers, cloud-native and on-premise environments.

Security is of utmost importance, as sensitive health information must be collected, transferred, and processed in the CancerIQ system. You will help to support and build out security monitoring and protection systems across the infrastructure, as well as addressing needs in industry compliance policies such as HIPAA, HITECH, and SOC 2, among others.

Education and growth is our core tenet. We believe that if you aren’t passionate about these values, then we’re not your best fit. All of our software developers learn to work on all aspects of the technology stack, from CloudOps to DevOps, learning to take a software project from code to production. We are looking for engineers that want to contribute to a learning culture and join a team that teaches one another through pairing and lunch-and-learns; we want you to provide your expertise in security and DevOps to the rest of the team. As such, you’re a clear communicator and should be able to work with team members effectively.


- Extensive experience managing and securing cloud services (e.g. AWS, GCP, etc.).

- Experience in creating, hardening, and maintaining secure Docker containers

- Knowledge of Kubernetes orchestration

- Strong UNIX fundamentals

- Demonstrable proficiency with one or more scripting languages (Ruby, Go, Python, bash, etc)

- Extensive experience with continuous delivery, automation scripting, and infrastructure-as-code

- Strong understanding of network concepts including TCP/IP, HTTP and TLS, DDoS detection/prevention, and network and host anomaly detection through both automated (NIDS/HIDS) and manual means

- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or comparable experience


  • Working with a fun, young team of professionals
  • Health insurance, commuter benefits, other work perks
  • Laid back work environment, conveniently located near the Northwestern medical campus
  • Unlimited free coffee and beer

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