MediaMonks is hiring a

Digital Designer

Hilversum, Netherlands

Wacom wizards of the Web, MediaMonks is looking for someone who can work black magic with whitespace and voodoo with fonts and colour pallets. A talented designer who gets interaction and can design for any kind of interactive work. Someone who builds on several years of digital experience but is still eager to learn more tricks of the trade.

As our new designer, you’ll be joining an international team of approximately thirty fellow artisans at our design department in Hilversum. Together with our creative teams, you will be creating and executing original styles for some of the best digital work around.

Designers at MediaMonks tend to join our projects as soon as the first pitch. Your work is an integral part of virtually every enterprise we undertake. And the reason for this is quite simple: a good designer improves the quality of a project beyond its look and feel. This mandates an unwearying creative brain and digital fingerspitzengefühl, because we simply love that word. If your mind, body and soul are up to this divine task, we’d love to hear from you.