100mentors is hiring a

Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) leads the Marketing Automation (MA) project. The DMM ensures alignment of marketing and sales throughout the automation process.

By automating the various tasks and workflows involved in:

  • demand generation,
  • lead management, and
  • sales and marketing alignment,
  • marketing automation contributes to shorter sales cycles, increased revenues, and better marketing ROI. The ability to measure and present by using figures is key in MA. Marketing automation includes:

    Lead nurturing, Lead scoring, Lead generation, Website monitoring & optimization, Email marketing, Campaign testing, ROI/Analytics.


  • Work with the Sales team to build out our Digital Marketing Plan, by using our current marketing automation framework, (training included).
  • Create marketing and engagement campaigns (emails, landing pages, webinars etc.) for new lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • Scale email communication by working with Design to create templates for each marketing use case.
  • Introduce 100mentors to new marketing automation tools and CRMs than the candidate has used in the past. For example, we use ContactPigeon and we also like how Marketo and Salesforce play out together.
  • Utilize our existing tools to design predictive marketing programs, get feedback on designed-programs, and present results in the 100mentors weekly meetings.
  • Implement lead scoring, lead nurture, and lead generation programs, that will align to our Sales Cycles.
  • Help with organizing our Customer Service tactics, our Feedback mechanisms and the overall Customer Satisfaction strategy around NPS.
  • Track ROI, opportunity pipeline, and engagement of current customers and prospects for all marketing and engagement campaigns and build reports, by using the automation tool data, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the business.
  • Make recommendations on improvements to lead scoring and lead nurture based on analytics.

  • Education experience: you’ve worked in schools and know the lingo, either as a teacher, school operations, or central office staff
  • Former experience in sales or as a sales development representative in the software-as-a-service context