Team Axe is hiring a

Digital Marketing Project Manager

Nashville, United States

Position: Digital Marketing Project Manager

Potential start date: June 1, 2016 (or effective 2 weeks)

Areas of Influence

Campaigns, product launches, new platforms, retooling, cross channel planning, day to day upkeep of who’s on first and core planning.


Purpose of this position

Increase revenue through measurably effective and efficient use of time. You’ll be overseeing the execution plans, strategy deconstruction and team rhythm for marketing campaigns, new product creation, product launches, evergreen campaigns, new initiatives, platform switches and keeping all the systems and people connected are all part of the day to day. A business breaks down into it’s resources, it’s priorities and it’s processes. You’ll champion the processes (our playbook), maximize the resources we have through being efficient and an incredible communicator and having priorities.J


Skills, traits & competencies (the obvious things you could teach a class on)

  • 2+ Years of Client / Project Management Experience
  • Demonstrated experience as eCommerce or Digital Marketing Project Management
  • Demonstrated proficiency with project planning and budgeting
  • Client-side eCommerce experience, plus for direct experience with Shopify
  • Goal Oriented
  • Proven track record of operational leadership
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Well verses in UX best practices, particularly for eCommerce
  • Experience building project backlogs, MVPs and experience with feature release planning


Key responsibilities

  • Manage all aspects of Digital Marketing projects including new builds, re-platforming projects, product launches, etc.
  • Manage all design, development and marketing needs and resource planning
  • Forecast timelines and project delivery dates across all projects
  • Based on skill set, resources and operational proficiencies, help determine how projects are prioritized and assigned across marketing resources
  • Deliver time estimates for design and development work and requests quickly; set timelines for teams to follow based on execution priorities
  • Manage and adjust team’s capacity to ensure project milestones are met
  • Own team profitability through efficient resource allocation and setting proper goals
  • Work with agencies, internal team and leadership manage expectations during project builds
  • Create + upkeep process documents (playbooks) for all our efforts
  • Manage entire UAT / QA phase for new efforts and refreshes of old products
  • Manage all outsourced Design and Development projects via qualified contractors, maintain working relationship with contracting resources for times of low capacity or specialized projects


A plus for

  • Experience working on Digital Marketing or Shopify platforms
  • Experience working with Optimizely or other CRO platform
  • Trained in Agile Methodologies, Scrum (CSPO)
  • Experience with Asana, Slack, Google Apps
  • Google Analytics certified
  • VWO experience and/or certified
  • Peripheral knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and technical proficiencies

Living our core values

  • Obsessive note taker (we’ll supply all the notebooks you could ever need)
  • Healthy skepticism over your own work and others’ work (we’re all in the business of Quality Assurance)
  • Humility to achieve your goals and learn from everyone from customers to peers to your direct report
  • Mastery over your domain and teaching to others
  • Be someone worthy of trust with responsibility to execute well with speed and the customer in mind
  • Advocate for brand new opportunity while aligning priorities of your core team
  • Understand the strategy and principles of your domain by staying connected to influencers and community of your craft
  • Hustle is probably the most fundamental core to our success - proving a bunch of kids and their laptops can change the world with a lot of hard work.


  • Weekly commitment: 40+
  • Office rhythm: office is open from 7-7 for you to come and go as you need
  • Direct report (interim): Michael Danner
  • Location: Greater Nashville, TN (Franklin)


Equipment and tools

  • We believe in hiring craftsman and finding the right tools for you.
  • 27” monitor(s)
  • 13" upgraded MacBook Pro
  • Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse
  • Herman Miller chairs
  • We’re flexible if you have specific requirements
  • Team communication platforms: Slack, Google Apps, Asana, Droplr (if you’re not using this, it will change your life)



  • Monthly product quota for our expanding lines (11 products moving to 60+)
  • Access to all of our information, fitness programs
  • Extreme autonomy and flexibility over hours
  • Health plans rolling out Q4
  • Obvious, but the hyper growth of the company means here is where you can create the job you want and do it with others who are doing the same.

Quick note about the company and team: Our company is growing faster than any company I’ve ever been a part of. We’re a lifestyle brand, an advocate for food as medicine, but at our core we are a growth company and startup. If growth doesn’t excite you, please find somewhere that does - cliches aside, life is far too short not to be thrilled to come to work each day.


People you should research before you apply: Michael Danner (interim Direct Report), Kyle Castro (Director of Operations and in charge of hiring), Amanda Schaade and Lee Anna McGuire (the real decision makers).


People on our team you could ask for an amazing review from.