Interactive Strategies is hiring a

Digital Writing and Marketing Intern

Washington, United States

Digital Writing and Marketing Intern

Ready to make the internet a nicer place through better content? Interactive Strategies is looking for a content intern to start in August 2021 to assist with content creation for our digital marketing and website clients. Ideally, you’re a college student or recent graduate with a background in writing/communications who’s a stickler for details. This is a remote position, and you will need to be available during East Coast hours, since our main office is based in Washington, DC.

Some say that “everyone’s a writer.” You beg to differ. You silently judge website content, thinking about ways you would’ve done it better. You have a strong opinion on serial versus AP-style commas. You spot grammatical and style errors like it’s a competitive sport (and you know the difference between grammar and style without googling it).

Your time will be split primarily between writing, editing and research. In exchange for your stunning prose, can-do attitude and incredible work ethic, you’ll get hands-on learning opportunities. You’ll be mentored by senior staff, participate in meetings, create client deliverables and see firsthand how the marketing sausage is made at a digital agency. You’ll also be creating work that can help build your writing portfolio.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating content such as marketing/fundraising emails, blog posts, ad copy and website articles.
  • Participating in brainstorm sessions to come up with ideas for new content, online marketing campaigns and more.
  • Conducting background research, then analyzing/summarizing your findings.
  • Proofreading content.
  • Taking on any additional duties and responsibilities as they come up, based on agency needs and your skillset/interests.
  • Please note that you will need to be flexible since your content responsibilities may change due to evolving client needs.