HomeSuite is hiring a

Director of Acquisition Marketing

San Francisco, United States
HomeSuite’s vision is to own and transform the global residential rental market - the market is massive, the problem is acute, our solution works and we are the first mover.
Everyone can agree that the rental market today is horrible. Most people have had a bad experience. These problems are all symptoms of an offline market. The only online portion of the rental market is lead gen and the majority of the market is not even found on lead gen websites. HomeSuite is the first ever transactional rental marketplace - we based our model on online travel agents, like Expedia and Priceline, which are fundamentally different than existing models in the rental market. HomeSuite completely intermediates the rental process - discovery, reservation and transaction are managed by our platform. There is no one doing anything similar to us in the rental market. And our model has been validated, scaling to a tens of millions revenue run rate in 2 years, with a strong business model, raising tens of millions of venture investment to date.

HomeSuite is an unlimited growth opportunity. We are a team of driven, hard-working individuals. At HomeSuite you will be pushed to the limit and find out what you are made of. You will be challenged beyond what you thought possible. There is no place where you can learn more.