Quartet Health is hiring a

Director of Clinical User Operations

New York, United States

Company Description:
Quartet is committed to enabling every person in our society to thrive by building a collaborative mental and physical health ecosystem. Our technology platform allows seamless communication and collaboration between medical and behavioral health providers, leading to targeted, timely and higher quality patient care. Powered by our advanced data engine, Quartet works with health plans and health systems to provide actionable population insights that improves patient outcomes and reduce overall costs.

Role Description:
As the Director of Clinical User Operations, you will be responsible for the team that ensures that each patient-user of Quartet's platform has access to appropriate and timely care interventions and that those interventions are coordinated to help the citizen-user move into health. You will be responsible for ensuring that your team is responsive, creative, metric-driven and engaging. This role is best for a leader who enjoys problem-solving and can design processes and motivate others to improve upon them. It requires the ability to engage folks with significant health needs.