Twitch is hiring a

Director of Demand Marketing - Developer Success

San Francisco, United States

As creators of the games and apps Twitch broadcasters and viewers revel in, developers are incredibly important partners for Twitch. They are already reaching tens of millions of viewers on Twitch today; we want to help them wrap even more broadcasters, viewers and users into their products. The Developer Success team helps creators make compelling apps that stand out, present their products to viewers who may like them, engage with their existing users, and find innovative new ways to generate revenue.

As our Demand Marketing Director, you will build and scale the outbound channels through which we invite developers to engage with us. You’ll apply your expertise in content marketing to help developers understand how Twitch can help them succeed, create scalable campaigns inviting them to get in contact, and measure outcomes against business goals using data. We’d also like you to build a team that delivers legendary business results. We win when thousands of companies clamor to partner with us; you win when you’ve created the well-oiled machine that inspires developers to meet us.