Faria Systems is hiring a

Director of Product


As Director of Product, you will oversee product development at Faria Systems for one of our web-based software (SaaS) products.

You will work with our global design & development team to spec features & enhancements with an eye on customer 'jobs to be done', ensure adequate QA & testing and help to ship smooth features into production reliably.

  • Empathy for customers and ability step in their shoes to see the world through their eyes.
  • Conduct effective 1-on-1s with customers by phone or in-person to elucidate ‘jobs to be done’ while recording notes effectively.
  • Collaboratively working with the CTO and Management to define an achievable, low-risk R&D plan on SmartSheet.
  • Effectively prioritise ‘jobs to be done’ in order of importance and understand how to bundle associated functions for production release to meet business goals (i.e. if the usage & demand for a given feature is seasonal, you would plan it accordingly on the R&D calendar).
  • Translating the given plan into Basecamp To Dos & Milestones assigning those work items to the right directly responsible individuals, who are most well suited to complete those tasks (i.e. you can identify which To Dos are most suitable given a team member’s strengths and interest—e.g. you would not assign UI styling to a back-end developer).
  • Identify bottlenecks well in advance of a constraint (i.e. you can see around corners that design work (PSD) is missing for a work item for which back-end development is expected to start in 2 weeks, and therefore designs must start now to avoid a bottleneck), you can dynamically re-prioritize work items without causing undue stress or anxiety for any R&D team member.
  • ‘Hands on’ with your team in communicating and clarifying priorities with them on a daily or bi-weekly basis as needed to ensure that their in-progress work items are consistent with the R&D plan.
  • Know how to build ‘presence’ with your team giving them reassurance that you have their back and that you are here to help them succeed and work effectively (e.g. If there is an urgent BUG requiring engineering to stay late to fix, you stay in the office with them until it’s successfully deployed). This is the meaning of having your team’s back.
  • Diligently review Basecamp daily in a set and fixed routine to ensure that bottlenecks are addressed well in advance of causing disruption.
  • Balance and juggle conflicting priorities from sales, support, marketing, business and engineering, while remaining calm and composed.
  • Ability to communicate with colleagues from diverse cultures in clear technical English.
  • Knowing when ‘face-to-face’ discussions can be more efficient than e-mails or Slack (i.e. if there is contention, call the person on the phone or Skype to settle it in 5 minutes with a timer).
  • Understand that every discussion and meeting requires a clear conclusion and that as a PM and Technical Leader, you should never leave unnecessary loose ends open.
  • Define effective routines for yourself and others, which ensure an optimal, healthy workflow.
  • Effectively plan your day in the most efficient way possible to work with the team in a disciplined manner.
  • Working with the CTO and Management to enhance R&D processes over time to ensure that our onboarding, training & personnel development processes continue to improve over time.
  • You can track and evaluate progress and long-term ROICs for a given product and concisely report to the CTO and Management on where R&D stands at any given point in time, highlighting on-track items, areas of risk or concern and suggestions for re-prioritisation and improvement.