GitHub is hiring a

Director of Security Operations


## GitHub Security - Director, Security Operations

GitHub is changing the way the world builds software and we want you to help change the way we build and secure GitHub. We're looking for an experienced technical director to help lead a vibrant and geographically distributed group of engineers and analysts as they continue to protect the source code for millions of projects. This role is not about dictating or managing a team member's work directly, but rather guiding and serving to ensure the happiness and productivity of the entire Security Operations group. The primary goal of this job is to enable each team to do the best work of their lives.

As a technical director, you will lead both engineering and operations managers, as well as individual engineers and analysts in key roles. You will advocate for them and work to hire a diverse group of incredibly talented people. You will also help guide technical decisions and set the standard for how Security Operations is performed at GitHub.

If you have a foundation in information security, enjoy supporting humans across all experience levels from fresh-out-of-college associates to seasoned senior engineers, and fancy helping build a world class security team, then this might be the gig for you.

#### Your responsibilities will include:

* Serving as a great people leader for the team, meeting with members 1-1 on a regular basis, giving guided performance feedback, and helping individuals plan and execute on their career development objectives.
* Serving as the hiring manager for the team to bring in new engineers who not only complement the existing team's skills, but who also have new perspectives, ideas, and experiences.
* Guiding the team's vision, helping build roadmaps, ensuring projects get staffed effectively, and setting priorities that align with both the team and the company's goals.
* Leading small group discussions about security issues with both technical and non-technical audiences, while making sure discussion highlights are captured in written form to benefit those not present.
* Being passionate about creating and fostering good security practices and processes throughout the company.
* Establishing and maintaining intra-department, cross-department, and management level communications.
* Managing team budgets, external consultants, and service provider contracts.
* Performing on-call rotations in an Incident Coordinator capacity.

#### The minimum qualifications are:

* 5+ years of personnel management of small to medium sized engineering teams.
* 10+ years of technical experience with several years focused on security engineering and operations, while having a strong foundation in other areas, such as application, system, and network security.
* Demonstrated software development experience with Go, Ruby and Rails, bash, python, or other languages.
* Experience working as a remote employee, and managing distributed teams.
* Technical project management with a proven ability to meet objectives.
* Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with a strong sense of empathy and the ability to advocate for your team.
* Solid understanding of large-scale web applications and infrastructure.

#### Bonus points if you:

* Are an active contributor to open source security projects and/or security community initiatives.
* Have had exposure to different software development life-cycles.
* Are familiar with the open source community in general.
* Have a working knowledge of Git and GitHub.