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Director - Products ( PFM)

Bengaluru, India
About Us:

We are a neo-banking startup that leverages technology to offer our customers a seamless and user friendly banking experience. Our vision is to empower users to achieve financial wellness. We help users cut through the banking jargons, offer smart insights based on spending and provide users with a range of new age features to enable and make sense of their finances. Our mission is to inspire healthier financial communities to own their relationship with money. Who do we want to be? The JARVIS of the neo banking space - and we’re getting there.

Overview Of The Team : (PFM & Advisory Platform)

Our Current Banking system encourages customers to do 3 things  i.e A Value Store (the ability to store money safely) , Money Movement (ability to move your money safely) & access to credit (the ability to loan money when you need it) Isn't it ?

Neobanks still have to provide all the above services but it doesn't stop there , Neobanks go beyond,  by consistently challenging  the “status quo” of  traditional banking norms and solve customers day to day financial problems around  Saving , Moving , Lending & Growing customers Money.

Let's take “Growing Aspect” for instance    i.e Should a customer  pre close his/her home loan ?  (or) plan for retirement ? . Should a customer create an emergency fund ?  (or) limit debt ?
These are typical financial decisions taken sub optimally depending on the financial state of the customers but these decisions actually are quantitative & logical in nature for which customers  either don't have time to think or don't have enough data to make  informed decisions.

That's exactly where Jupiter’s (PFM) Personal Finance Management Platform comes into play by  performing an  advisory role and guiding  the customer to make intelligent  well informed financial decisions backed by Applied AI & Behavioural Economics.

Aligned to Jupiter’s vision of empowering people to achieve financial wellness, PFM Products will horizontally align itself to various Independent Products (Banking , Investments , Lending etc)  within Jupiter to provide  and help customers make data driven intelligent financial decisions to gain deeper insights about their own money. 

Overview Of the Role : .

As a Leader of (Personal Finance Management) PFM Team,  Organization would encourage you to think on the wide range of Financial Instruments (Not restricted to the current product line)   while setting the vision , clear Goals and  evangelize the idea to all the critical stakeholders along with having founders buy-in before setting your team up for execution. 
(Definition : PFM is an Financial Advisory Layer which will empower end users take informed decisions for overall financial wellbeing and inspire healthier financial communities. )

Your Roles & Responsibilities

You will Set VisionDrive the end - to end Product Strategy , Product Roadmap while working in a highly ambiguous situation. Chaos is given, how you derive meaningful  advisory (Consumer) products from that Chaos  , makes you a champion Product Leader at Jupiter.

You will Reimagine the new age fintech world and  build high traffic consumer products/ Features in Personal Finance Category which will help Jupiter become a trusted advisor ,showing a  clear picture of spend categorisation, understanding of net worth, and offer actionable insights to the end users.

You will be continuously juggling with extremely complex Data and have a strong understanding of AI ,Data Analytics & Statistical Inferences.. Your success will be measured by High user retention/stickiness  through the  Insights which Jupiter advisory(PFM) platforms provide to the end user. 

PMF Products are  horizontally aligned and consistently interact with independent products across Investments , Banking , Lending Products etc . Hence we expect you to hustle and build deep meaningful  relationships with different Product , Engineering , Business & Other key stakeholders for faster business outcomes.

Your need to Inspire your team and continuously Evangelize your Ideas and have a strong buy-in from Founder /C Level team and other teams for over all product success. 

Must Have Skills :  

You Minimum of 10 Years of Product Management experience and at least 4 Yrs of experience in Building high performing teams.  Should have Built , Mentored , Managed & retained   high performing teams and set them up for long success within the organisation.

You should have proven track record of launching /scaling different User Centric Products from 0 - 1 , 1 - 10 Journey's
Demonstrated good understanding and application exposure  of  UX , UI , User thinking in real life scenarios and have deep understanding of User Psychology ,  emotional triggers of the end users to build deep engaging products.
As a leader in the startup , you need to hustle and have a clear understanding of measures and keep a balance between Process Vs Execution , Data Vs Intuition.

Have demonstrated experience of delivering products with strict deadlines along with being  Data Driven , Customer Obsessed.

Education : Computer science undergraduate degree or equivalent plus hands-on software engineering experience 

Passion towards financial instruments and  Curiosity in Financial awareness  :

Passion towards personal (Day-to-day) finance (Saving , Financial Advisory , Financial Instruments , Coaching, mentoring and building future leaders for scaling the organisation 

An understanding of Agile development methodologies.Knowledge of financial (Govt.) Regulation & RBI Guidelines in India Have good experience both working in  Startups and  Large Organizations  

Brownie Points :

You’ve tried building your own startups from the ground-upYou’re passionate about FinTech and have launched consumer facing products in the spaceProven experience communicating to senior management, peers and team members.

You’ve studied at a top engineering or B-schoolTo get closer to this, come have a chat with us and discover us a notch closer. We love what we do at Jupiter, so when we talk to you we’d love to hear about the one problem that you’d like to solve in the FinTech space and why. Hint - think of an app that you would launch and what its impact would be. We encourage you to think big! 

And there's always more : Want to know more about us? Hop onto the links below:

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Our Team  :   https://jupiter.money/team/ 

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