Twitch is hiring a

Distributed Systems Engineer - Berlin (m/f)

Berlin, Germany
Twitch is building the future of interactive entertainment and video is at the very core of that vision.  If you eat thundering-herd problems for breakfast, if you think handling data by the terabit per second sounds entertaining, and if you've ever asked yourself ‘but what if we lose a second backbone link?’ then we want you to come help scale our systems by another order of magnitude.  You will get to join an awesome team working on solving massive and difficult problems over a large array of domains: from fraud detection, real-time analytics, distributed real-time load balancing, protocol-aware reverse proxies, to distributed job scheduling, …

Here’s a short list of our current scale:

-Serve more than 150 million unique visitors per month
-More than 2 million peak concurrent users
-More than 26 billion minutes (50,000 years) of video watched each month and growing
-10 billion messages sent on chat per day and growing
-Serving 5 million+ requests per second on the edge and growing
-Anticipated scale year-over-year = 2.5x

Our technical stack is vast and our hardware deployments are far reaching to all corners of the globe.  We primarily use Go in our backend, while utilizing Python and SQL for interactive data analysis.  Our scale and speed of our growth forces us to experiment with techniques and technologies.