Lever is hiring a

Distributed Systems Engineer

San Francisco, United States
Drive scalability and performance of a cutting-edge, real-time platform. Work directly with our CTO on a small team of experienced engineers.

Our team develops ShareDB, a distributed, real-time application backend. ShareDB syncs all data via Operational Transformation, the same algorithm that powers Google Docs. We are also responsible for scaling pub/sub messaging, ElasticSearch, taskqueues, real-time email sync, API's, reporting infrastructure, and frontend Node.js applications.

Guide us in making calls on performance tradeoffs, when to hack and when to invest, how to choose the right level of abstraction, how to design systems that both work well and fail well, and know that all the work that you do the team at Lever will enrich the open source community.

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, DerbyJS, ShareDB, IMAP, SMTP, Gmail and Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, AWS