Nootrobox is hiring an


San Francisco, United States

About the Company

Nootrobox is an ultra talented team. We're growing rapidly and we offer interesting problems to think about and solve - human enhancement.

We're founded by a successful serial entrepreneur & a former Google APM. 3/6 of us have Stanford CS degrees, 2/6 of us are working on our MD/PhD's. We are all biohackers and do at least 36 hour fasts every week. We consider the human body as the next big innovation platform. Precision nutrition and nootropics are on the rise as more and more people come to understand they can increase their physical and cognitive performance by introducing new inputs into their daily regimen.

Who You Are

You will start and lead our content and community team. Both academics and citizen biohackers are producing a tremendous volume of research and data on human enhancement. All this data should be better communicated and shared to the entire world, and we see a dearth of authoritative, science-driven exposition and discussion in broader mainstream media.

You will help us create this media platform. You should have formal journalism, writing, and editing experience. Special consideration for those with technical video + audio chops to jumpstart our efforts in video and audio. Beyond direct hands-on writing and producing, you will also build out our contributor network and community. We're already a leader in the biohacking and nootropics space, and we need a leader to spread our movement to the entire world.