Ambassador is hiring an

Email Marketing Manager

Royal Oak, United States
We're seeking an expert B2B email marketer to join the Ambassador team.
As Email Marketing Manager, you understand the right nurture tracks to provide incremental value and nudge our leads towards sale in a way that feels human and still converts. We also need you to understand the right types of content to send to the right people at the right time, both for lead nurturing and to boost the sharing and forwarding of our content-driven emails.
Responsibilities include:
·    Manage and build various email lists and campaigns, including the design templates, calls-to-action, and content used in our email sends
·    Segment lists based on behaviors like past email engagement and website interactions (content downloads, site page visits, etc.)
·    Personalize email campaigns based upon segmentation and other relevant data
·    Measure results and optimize the nurture tracks for these segments to convert leads to customers
·    Develop documentation and road maps for new campaigns, processes, A/B tests, and promotions that success through email
·    Work to minimize list decay and unsubscribes while increasing the productivity of our email sends
·    Grow our email list organically, not through bought or rented lists
You will manage and execute email communication with leads, customers, and other relevant audiences. S/he will work closely with the rest of the marketing department, acting as a bridge between content and marketing operations, to make sure that the necessary creative elements and content is shared in ways that drive increasing levels of engagement.
Compensation includes base salary, stock options, health insurance, a 401k program, and free healthy snacks.