SocialCops is hiring an

Engineering Internship (6 months)

New Delhi, India
At SocialCops, we hire interns for some of the core functions like building apps, shipping features live, helping us make important decisions around our tech stack, etc. We don’t believe that somebody as 18 year old can’t work alongside us like regular employees. At SocialCops, we make sure that we provide ample opportunities to help our interns grow and learn new things. This is the reason that most of our interns end up extending their internships, do consecutive internships with us, work part-time, and then join in full-time roles after their graduation.

We are currently only hiring our next batch of engineering interns for 6 months to work on some of the key challenges that our Engineering Team is looking to solve! We have closed applications for summer internships.

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Backend Engineering Interns

As a Backend Engineer, you will serve as the gatekeeper to all data at SocialCops. You will abstract away complex data interactions with easy-to-use APIs that will power everything from web applications to Internet of Things. While data should be easily accessible to those who need it, you must also ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Across teams, we will look to you to make key decisions on the technology stack, architecture, networking, and security. We love working with bleeding-edge technology, especially if it reduces development costs with no foreseeable downsides. You will guide us in making the right decisions when it comes to choosing third-party software, bleeding edge or otherwise. You will also own, scale, and maintain the compute and storage infrastructure for the various product teams. These include infrastructure for long running jobs, always up shared or common microservices, and search infrastructure, to name a few.

The ideal Backend Engineers are polyglots who are fluent in HTTP and always pick the right set of tools for the job at hand. They understand what it takes to work in a startup environment and know when to trade performance for development speed. They are critical to the success of many products at SocialCops. They fail fast, learn faster, and execute almost instantly.

Technology Stack: Javascript, Python, Elastic Search, MongoDB & Node JS

Frontend Engineering Interns

Filling the shoes of a Frontend Engineer at SocialCops means working across three verticals – designing an eye-catching and responsive user interface, making the user experience on our platform simple and seamless, and implementing the background functionality in the most cost-effective and memory-friendly way.

That being said, your role will not be constrained to these things. People will look up to you when it comes to deciding the best infrastructure for charts, graphs, visualizations, or maps. Our front-end applications are working on Backbone JS and Vue JS along with JQuery. But if you think there's a better framework, you can always reason it out to the team. You'll also be the one interacting with the Back-End Engineers to set up integrations and design the storage and querying infrastructure. Setting up SDKs to interact with the backend over HTTP, and doing so in the most secure and object-oriented way, will be the crux of your implementations.

The ideal Frontend Engineers are thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers. They care about scale, quality, structured readable code (preferably in MVC patterns), cross-platform and cross-browser issues, and module reusability, even before approaching the problem. They take ownership for their product, know their platform in and out, and are really good with quick turn-around times for feature requests and bug fixes. Taking feedback in the most positive way and redesigning key features to become more user-friendly is what differentiates the ideal Front-End Engineers.

Technology Stack: JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone JS, Vue JS, HTML, CSS

DevOps Engineering Interns

As a DevOps Engineering Intern, you will be responsible for managing and building upon the infrastructure that supports our data intelligence platform. You'll also be involved in building tools and establishing processes to empower developers to deploy and release their code seamlessly.

Across teams, we will look up to you to help us make key decisions for our infrastructure, networking and security. You will also help us scale and maintain the compute and storage infrastructure for various product teams.

The ideal DevOps Engineering Interns possess a solid understanding of system internals and distributed systems. They understand what it takes to work in a startup environment and have the zeal to establish a culture of infrastructure awareness and transparency across teams and products. They fail fast, learn faster, and execute almost instantly.

Technology Stack: Configuration management tools (Ansible/Chef/Puppet), Cloud Service Providers (AWS/DigitalOcean), Docker and Kubernetes ecosystem is a plus.

Mobile Engineering Interns

As a Mobile Engineering Intern, your primary function is to usher data into SocialCops. You will build applications and deploy devices which will help collect primary data from around the world. Your projects will run on cheap hardware and must be usable by people who may have never used a smartphone before. All of this while never compromising on exciting features or UI/UX.

You will work closely with the design and backend teams to build projects that perform excellently, work with low-cost hardware, and are wonderful to look at as well as use. You guide your team in making key decisions about your technology stack, architecture, networking, and security issues.

The ideal Mobile Engineer understands what it takes to make more with less. They don't rest until their features work flawlessly on every supported device. They fail fast, learn faster, and execute almost instantly. They succeed where most would not even make the attempt.

Technology Stack: Java, Android SDK, Kotlin, ReactiveX, Realm, Flutter

About SocialCops

SocialCops is a data intelligence company that is empowering leaders in organizations globally, including the United Nations and Unilever. Our platform powers over 200 organizations across 50 countries. As a fast-growing tech startup, SocialCops was recognized in the list of Technology Pioneers 2018 by World Economic Forum and by the New York Times in its list of 30 global visionaries. We were also part of the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2018. Aasaanjobs named SocialCops as one of the best Indian startups to work for in 2018.

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