Cancer IQ is hiring an

Engineering Internship for Healthcare Tech Startup

Chicago, United States

"The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads … That sucks."

-Jeff Hammerbacher

Cancer sucks!! But code is powerful. Developers are brilliant, and people are resilient.

In the high cost world of oncology, trial and error treatment is still the norm despite enormous advances in genomic medicine. Patients are given one-size-fits-all treatments that lead to poor outcomes.

CancerIQ is building intelligent analytical technologies aimed to optimize cancer risk prediction, prevention, and treatment. We do this by providing care providers with workflow tools built upon informed decision engines and data-driven classification models. Our mission strives to engage and educate patients, and guide them through the complex, convoluted, and intimidating journey of cancer prevention.

How do you fit in?

CancerIQ Engineering is looking for curious minds that are hungry for knowledge, want to solve problems, write elegant code, and iterate quickly. We are a group of ambitious devs who love all things science, web, and technology.

No one is just a cog in the machine. Every member of the dev team makes an impact on our software. Most importantly, we learn and grow as a team. If you love to learn about programming paradigms, algorithm optimization, or your editor's dotfiles, this place is for you. You will be challenged.

As a software engineering intern, you will be immersed in an agile engineering process. You will learn to architect and implement backend and frontend solutions using Javascript, AngularJS, React.js, GraphQL, Node.js, Ruby, Elixir, Rust, and other technologies best-suited for the goals of the CancerIQ platform.

You’ll be developing backend APIs and user-friendly web frontends that can enable clinicians to operate efficiently and gain new insights. Through intuitive visuals and interfaces, you will be creating modern and appealing applications across multiple platforms for patients of all types and demographics.


What are we looking for?

  • We’re looking for someone that loves all things programming.
  • You should have experience with programming paradigms, best practices, and have an understanding of computer science concepts.
  • We use a mixture of technologies, and focus on those that help us get jobs done most efficiently. You should have knowledge of frontend frameworks such as AngularJS or React, and backend technologies that enable the creation of RESTful APIs. Being able to navigate and contribute to the full stack will ultimately prove to be beneficial to the team. Knowledge of server-side technologies such as Ruby, Python, Go, Rust, Elixir, etc., would be excellent.
  • The desire to learn and help others are two core values that drive us as a development team. We believe that if you aren’t passionate about these values, then we’re not your best fit. You should be passionate about always learning and growing, as well as spreading new knowledge to just as passionate team members. As such, you’re a clear communicator and should be able to work with team members effectively.
  • We'd love to know: What's the next language or framework you'd like to learn and why?

What are the “Nice To Haves”?

We employ a rapid, continuous deployment system, and as developers are responsible for seeing their features through deployment. Knowledge of DevOps and infrastructure tools (Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes) will prove to be beneficial.

Anything Non-technical?

  • Self-motivated learning
  • Public artifacts and outreach such as blogs, open-source contributions, conference presentations
  • Strong communications skills such as empathy, listening, and conflict resolution
  • Passion
  • A good sense of humor


What about perks?

  • Competitive pay and benefits (health insurance, travel subsidies, discount programs)
  • No dress code. Funny graphic tees are encouraged. We’re even okay with fedoras.

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