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Engineering Manager, Ads

Cairo, Egypt

Join b_labs, the driving force behind B.TECH's digital transformation efforts, and be part of the team that is revolutionising the retail industry in the Middle East. As an Engineering Manager for Ads, you'll enjoy the benefits of a start-up culture within a well-established company that has seen steady growth year after year. Work with a dedicated, customer-focused team, committed to pushing technological advancements and setting the standard for digital retail. Join us in our ambitious mission to transform the retail industry in the Middle East.

As an Engineering Manager for the Ads department at b_labs, your responsibilities will be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of this department. Here are some responsibilities you will have:

  • Create a motivating and inspiring work environment: Ensure that team members feel empowered and supported, and encourage an atmosphere of continuous learning and improvement specific to the Ads department's needs.
  • Coach and develop team members: Identify missing skills, assess team member's maturity and seniority, and provide guidance to help them develop both personally and professionally in areas relevant to Ads engineering. Assist team members in handling conflicts, managing absences, overcoming technical challenges specific to Ads engineering, and acquiring new knowledge quickly.
  • Encourage a proactive and independent approach: Promote a team culture where team members take initiative and ownership in getting things done efficiently and effectively, specifically related to Ads engineering.
  • Collaborate with other departments: Maintain open and effective communication with other Engineering Managers, Product Management, and other relevant departments to ensure seamless collaboration and alignment of goals, especially in relation to the Ads department's objectives.
  • Balance speed and sustainability: Influence the product roadmap to strike a balance between the speed of delivery and long-term sustainability and maintainability of Ads products and features.
  • Attract, retain and grow talent: Continuously identify and attract top Ads engineering talent, provide opportunities for professional development, and retain high-performing Ads engineering team members.
  • Address under-performance: Take proactive measures to address under-performance and ensure that Ads engineering team members are meeting the expectations set for them.
  • Support feature delivery: Provide guidance and support to the team in the design and delivery of new Ads products and features for b_labs.
  • Maintain and modify development programs: Ensure that Ads development programs are up-to-date, tested, and modified as necessary to meet changing requirements.
  • Establish guidelines and processes: Define and implement guidelines, standards, and processes to support the Ads development process and ensure that Ads work is done consistently and effectively.
  • Tackle complex challenges: Address complex technical challenges related to Ads engineering and implement solutions with a high success rate.
  • Lead the release process: Organise and lead the release process for Ads products and features, ensuring that releases are delivered on time and meet quality standards specific to Ads engineering.
  • Maintain internal documentation: Create and maintain internal Ads engineering documentation to support the development process and ensure that knowledge is effectively shared and preserved within the Ads engineering team.


  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field
  • Experience: 7+ years of hands-on experience as a technical leader or engineering manager in software engineering for Ads platforms.
  • Online Advertising Ecosystem: Strong understanding of ad servers, ad exchanges, programmatic advertising, ad targeting, and optimization algorithms, machine learning models, and techniques for Ads.
  • Ad Formats and Standards: Knowledge of ad formats and standards such as VAST and VPAID, and advertising-related APIs including DFP, AdWords, and other third-party APIs.
  • Team Management: Experience managing Ads engineering teams, with a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills and data-driven mindset, with experience using data to make decisions and drive business outcomes.
  • Data Privacy: Good understanding of data privacy regulations and compliance requirements related to Ads platforms.
  • Programming Skills: Strong programming skills in Go, Java, Python, or similar languages, with the ability to write testable, reusable, high-quality code and develop this capability in team members.
  • Systems Design and Delivery Experience: Strong experience in systems design, including the ability to scale algorithmic and ML solutions in products, and a proven track record of delivering results, even when requirements are under-specified.
  • Best Practices: Deep understanding of design patterns, software engineering best practices, continuous integration, automation tools, and processes.


Office environment: When you come to our b_labs office, you'll find creative workspaces, a well-equipped kitchen, and an open design to foster collaboration between teams.

Flexibility: You know best whether you want to work from home or in the office. However, if you want to join your teammates onsite, we will subsidize the costs for lunch to foster the b_labs office community

Equipment: From "Day 1" you will receive all the equipment you need to be successful at work.

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