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At accuRx, we're on a mission to change lives by bringing patients and their healthcare teams together.

Who are accuRx?

At accuRx, we're building a world-famous healthcare communication platform. Our mission is simple - to change lives by bringing patients and their healthcare teams together. Our technology is revolutionising how technology is adopted and how care is delivered in healthcare.

Established in 2016 and now with £9m in Series A funding, accuRx is one of the UK's fastest-growing tech startups. In two years, we grew from only a few GP practices using us to over 50% of practices in England. Today, over 95% of GP practices rely on us and over the past few months we have worked really hard on driving adoption within Hospitals, our product is now used in over 50% of trusts and this number is growing day by day. Our vision is that anyone involved in a patient's care can communicate with each other.

In response to COVID-19, we spent March and April working tirelessly to release new features to help frontline staff. This includes a video consultation solution that went from zero to 35,000 daily consultations in the space of 8 weeks. We then spent November and December building a vaccination booking system that has already saved frontline staff many hours and helped with vaccination uptake for vulnerable people in the UK. See our public roadmap for what’s up next 😃.

Unlike many healthtech companies, we are a software provider, not a healthcare provider. We allow existing health and care systems (starting with the NHS in the UK) to deliver technology-enabled care, free from any AI/Blockchain-hype.

Life as an Engineering Manager at accuRx

As an Engineering Manager, your job is to create an environment for other Engineers to thrive and grow at accuRx. This breaks down into some key areas:

  • Delivering high quality 1:1s: We have a growing engineering team and want to make sure everyone has great quality weekly 1:1s - whether you're there to mentor, coach or just listen to someone's worries.
  • Learning and development: You'll help us ensure that engineers feel challenged, that they can learn both on and off the job effectively and there's a mixture of planned learning (like masterclasses/lightning talks) and day to day learning (code reviews, pair programming.
  • Onboarding: Getting up to speed in new codebases in new industries can be really hard at the best of times. You'll help us support people from moment of signing through to their successful probation so they start shipping code that affects millions fast.
  • Performance and progression: You'll be responsible for writing performance reviews and contributing to their improvement alongside our progression framework.
  • Engineering ways of working and processes: You'll help us to iterate our engineering ways of working and ceremonies so the engineering community continues to thrive as we scale.
  • Interviewing: Scaling up and out our interview process so we can continue to attract a diverse talent pool is crucial. You'll help us iterate on a repeatable interview framework to support the hiring of the next 100 engineers into the business.
  • Engineering management culture: Building a brilliant management function at accuRx has always been something close to our hearts, and engineering is no different. You'll help us take the accuRx values and instil them into everything we do as engineering managers

What the team say...

Emma - Product Engineer

"For me the best thing about the Engineering team at accuRx is how willing everyone is to share knowledge and help each other - we spend lots of time pair programming and I always feel comfortable asking engineers in my team for help!"

Calum - Engineering Manager

"Hiring an Engineering Manager is incredibly important to ensure we provide an environment for our Engineers to thrive!"


We'd really like to hear from you, if ...

  • You have 1+ year experience in managing Product / Software Engineering teams.
  • You care deeply about people and their professional development
  • You obsess over company culture and values and bringing those into everything we do as engineers
  • You're mission-driven and care about positively impacting the lives of billions
  • You're passionate about improving healthcare
  • You're excited by change and a fast-paced learning environment
  • You love solving problems, and relish in the constant challenges a startup throws your way.
  • You're an excellent communicator with the ability to translate complex to simple, bringing your ideas to life.
  • When you see something not working, you'll flag it and be part of the solution
  • You share our values

Salary: £60,000 - £90,000 + Shares (a wide band to encompass a wide range of experience levels, see our public progression framework and salary bandings, as the 4th full time EM at accuRx, you would help shape EM progression at accuRx)


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Head over to our main careers page to find out more about the team, our company handbook, values, benefits, approach to diversity and more.

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