WebEngage is hiring an

Engineering Manager

Mumbai, India

We are an engineering team of 30 members and growing to 40 soon. The team is split into six product pods. Each pod also has QA engineers and a product manager owning respective responsibilities. You'd be owning engineering management responsibilities of 2-3 product pods.


  • Owning the delivery of quality product(s).
  • Managing a team of engineers with varied skill sets for one or more products working at different office locations as well as remotely.
  • Bridging the communication gap among team members and across teams.
  • Cultivating an engineering environment with a sense of belongingness and customer empathy.
  • Establish a cadence that keeps the team focussed on their individual as well as team goals.
  • Ensuring the individuals on your team are learning and growing.
  • Juggling the priorities and communicating to the team and stakeholders.
  • Understanding product complexities and driving engineering estimates.
  • Ensuring the team has a clear understanding of the product roadmap.
  • Understanding the importance of technical debt, working with engineers to keep it to minimal and prioritizing those to keep the product foundation strong.
  • Collaboration with product managers, QA engineers, Architects and Customer facing teams to keep strengthening product(s).
  • Hiring, mentoring, onboarding and growing the team.


  • 2+ years experience with managing or leading engineering teams
  • 6+ years experience in hands-on product development
  • Strong communication and listening skills to interpret and understand the expectations.
  • Practical experience in running Sprints.
  • Familiarity with engineering practices - code reviews, automated testing, CI/CD.
  • Strong basic fundamentals and understanding of application of various technologies - NoSQL databases, RDBMS, Infrastructure clouds, Security, Frontend stack.

Years of Experience: 6 - 8 years

About us:

WebEngage is a multi-channel user engagement platform which automates communication across users' life-cycle. It enables you to connect with them through these
channels - Web Messages (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Messages, Push Notifications, Emails and Text Messages. 
WebEngage builds enriched user profiles for every single user (registered, as well as anonymous) using your website and/or mobile app. Moreover, you can - segment- these users based on their behaviour, and engage with them via multiple channels. 
In a nutshell, WebEngage automates user engagement and helps you retain and grow your user base. 
Going steady on the mission to humanize all of the world's websites and mobile apps, we are assisting thousands of customers in 50+ countries. From enterprises like eBay, Lynda, Sendgrid, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip, Avaya, Souq, etc. to thousands of startups worldwide, we are helping them - Engage, Retain and Grow. 

URL : https://www.webengage.com