Bitnami is hiring an

Engineering Manager

San Francisco, United States

Bitnami’s mission is to bring awesome software to everyone. Every month, 1MM+ developers come to our site to download and launch their favorite language runtimes and applications across all major public clouds and container platforms, including AWS, Google, Azure, VMware and Docker.

We're profitable, growing and have an awesome, energetic and passionate team. While we have made great progress as a company and a brand, our journey is just beginning. Our goal is to have every developer, systems administrator and business user demand Bitnami every time they need to deploy their applications. If this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us, then consider catching the Bitnami wave!

We’re looking for an experienced Engineering Manager, based in our San Francisco office. This position reports to our VP of Engineering. The ideal candidate has a systems and web development background that comes from practical experience; a broad perspective of the cloud industry and where it is headed; and experience in building solutions that scale.