Tradeshift is hiring an

Engineering Manager

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tradeshift wants to connect all businesses in the world on one platform to make it easy for everyone to do business. This is truly an ambitious goal but also a goal that we very much believe in. In order to get there we need to scale and in order to scale we also need the right leadership in place, which means we are looking for Engineering Managers to join our engineering team in Copenhagen.

You will have direct reports so we are looking for someone with strong interpersonal skills that knows how to motivate people and to create a friendly atmosphere in a high performance environment. We are looking for someone who knows how to support and guide professional growth and individual growth and can set clear goals and expectations and knows how to give relevant feedback. In addition to people management, you will also facilitate the process on some of our kick-ass teams by taking on a PO role. You have to be very experienced with agile development and know how to run a good process in a team environment. You will be working very close with the teams to deliver on promises and will be an important element in building our cool products. To be successful you need to have a deep technical knowledge so you can be a part of the discussions on the product teams but also in order to help setting the technical direction for Tradeshift.