Stripe is hiring an

Engineering Project Manager, Security

San Francisco, United States
Manage the team securing Stripe, its users and the Internet


The Stripe security team is dedicated to improving the security of Stripe and its users. Our users trust us with some of their most sensitive information, and we make security a first-class consideration in everything we do. The security concerns are ever-evolving, creating an extremely dynamic environment for the security team. Our goal is to make Stripe secure for our users.
The engineering manager for our security team will develop the individuals reporting to them and inspire them to be their best. They will also be responsible for representing technical security best practices among senior leadership and promoting a dynamic yet secure development environment at Stripe as a whole.
You will:
  • Promote and develop a more secure development environment within Stripe engineering that keeps users, employees and data safe
  • Manage Stripe's team of security subject matter experts. This team responds to all internal security engineering questions and requests
  • Work with leaders in the organization to balance security risk and product advancement
  • Manage and develop a team of brilliant security professionals
  • Build portions of the Stripe infrastructure that are the most sensitive to security.
About you:
  • You have a deep security domain experience particularly in developing techniques and frameworks that enable other engineering teams to build more securely
  • You've been in the trenches and have personal experience with common security work such as penetration testing, threat modeling and threat detection. You've also likely been an engineer at some point and are technical enough to ask good questions about architecture and product decisions.
  • You've been successful evangelizing security among senior members of organization and amongst technical teams. You appreciate and understand trade offs between being secure and being fast.
  • You're a great manager. You've lead productive technical teams. You encourage a healthy work environment. You lead by example, by setting the right context, and by helping teammates do their best work