HomeSuite is hiring an

Engineering Project Manager

San Francisco, United States

HomeSuite has a massive dream and mission. Our objective is to change the way people live. Finding housing today is a nightmare - imagine being able to move from place to place seamlessly without worrying about buying furniture or getting locked into a lease. We take cues from companies like Uber and Instacart that prove that reducing friction in a market with pent up demand on either side of the market can dramatically increase the size of the market. We believe that through our hard work and passion we can create a major new category of residential housing: on-demand.

About You
You are an excellent communicator and get the job done! You’re able to prioritize projects based on a variety of inputs and constraints. You’re obsessed with details. You are grace under pressure and are able to estimate deadlines and schedule check-ins to keep everyone on track. You understand that there are inherent tradeoffs between quality and results and are able to prioritize projects and decisions that will have the greatest impact on the organization.