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Finance Manager

Bengaluru, India

Why are we building Nuclei?
Before we started Nuclei, we listed down a few guiding principles. These were essentially the leanings from our previous startups/companies.

1. Think big, think global and not limit ourselves only to India.
2. Build a company, not a startup. We wanted to be sustainable from day 1 and build a profitable business.
3. Build for the long term, not flip it in a few years.
4. Leverage existing distribution, instead of spending $s in getting app downloads.
5. And most importantly, we wanted to change the perception about India, of being a back-office / outsourcing destination, to a product destination.

All the above points came together to form Nuclei's vision - "To build a well respected global product company out of India."

Why are we targeting the BFSI sector?
Obviously we see a big opportunity in the BFSI sector and it aligns with all of our guiding principles. The banking industry is pretty uniform globally and our products can be easily scaled up across multiples banks and geographies. Working with banks has helped us run a profitable company from day 1 and we intend to remain profitable throughout.

Coming to the problem - Today, banks are not just competing with other banks, but mainly with various consumer tech companies. And if they intend to remain relevant over the next 10yrs, they need to build a deeper relationship with their customers.

At Nuclei, we are building a platform which enables the banks to increase customer engagement and build a deeper relationship. We help them go-to-market with multiple third party products quickly, while providing a seamless customer experience.


Roles & Responsibilities:

In this role, you will have overall responsibility of budgeting, forecasting, funds management and financial analysis along with day to day operations and process management. This role will directly report into the CEO.

Principal responsibilities:

Process Management

- Manage the finance team and work towards achieving the company's goals and objectives
- Maintain overall accounts and make sure the company is fully compliant with all local laws
- Work with the company's auditors and manage a few outsourced functions

Funds Management

- Forecast cash flow and manage available funds
- Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements
- Maintain banking relationships
- Manage and Invest funds

Day to Day Operations

- Oversee day to day reconciliation with various clients and partners
- Manage & oversee the daily operations of the finance team
- Monitoring & Analyzing Accounting data & produce financial reports or statements
- Review ledgers & co-ordinate with team for book closure activities (monthly & annual)Budgeting- Prepare monthly / quarterly / annual budget projections
- Liaison with internal teams for monthly budget & consumption; prepare variance analysis
- Report to CEO on variances from the established budget, and the reasons for those variances

Financial Analysis

- Interpret the company's financial results to management and recommend improvement activities.
- Create additional analyses and reports as requested by management.
- Legal & Statutory requirements and issues.
- Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
- Engage in benchmarking studies to establish areas of potential operational improvement.
- Maintaining and protecting the company's financial information/reports
- Maintaining and protecting employee salary information


- Co-ordinate with various auditors & help in completing all audits.

What we need:

- We are blind to your educational qualifications, college or branch of study.
- Need someone who enjoys managing finances and has 5+ years experience working in finance department.
- People with start-up experience preferred; Should have lead audits.


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