Ampyx Power is hiring a

flight control Engineer

Melbourne, Australia

We’re currently looking for a Flight Control Engineer to join our team at our office in Melbourne, Australia!

Our planet’s survival depends on a sustainable energy future. Existing technologies create progress towards this goal, but to accelerate the energy transition we must unlock additional sustainable energy sources. Ampyx Power is developing an Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) that can access powerful wind at high altitude using tethered unmanned aircraft.

Do you want to use your unique skills to help us in developing pioneering sustainable energy technology? Join us, and be part of our adventure!

Introducing our team and culture
We believe that a diversity of perspectives, ideas, cultures, and common passion to make a difference is needed to develop our pioneering technology.

Today we have a team of about 50 highly skilled professionals with more than 20 nationalities working from The Hague and Melbourne. We will be opening another office in Ireland in the near future. Most of our employees have a university degree and several employees have PhD background.

We have a socially open atmosphere in our company, placing value on trust. We think in terms of solutions rather than problems. We challenge each other and act decisively in our day-to-day work. Everyone's input is valuable and we work with clear deadlines and objectives. This way of working has helped us to make significant steps in our airborne technology development over the past 10 years.

What are you going to do?
We work in teams to meet our milestones. These are examples of the teams that we have:  Electronics Team, Aircraft Design Team, mechatronics team, the Flight Operations Team, etc. This vacancy is within our Algorithms team.
Within our company, algorithm engineers generate Simulink models of the complete system and use these to aid in design and analysis.  The core algorithms are translated into embedded production code by means of an autocoder.  As such, the flight control engineer will gain good knowledge of both control systems and algorithms design, as well as basic software engineering principles.
As our new flight control engineer, you will work on:
  • Supporting the development and verification of computational algorithms for our systems.  
  • Supporting system modelling, including 6-DOF and flexible body models
  • Sensor modelling, such as inertial measurement units, air data, GNSS
  • Model validation, including comparisons with characterization data
  • Supporting control algorithm development, including analysis and tuning of control laws
  • Logic-based algorithm development, including health monitoring and complex decision chains
  • Supporting system analysis tasks, including simulations
  • Supporting system verification, including generation of test cases

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