Hampton Creek is hiring a

Food Chemist

San Francisco, United States

Hampton Creek’s mission is to bring healthier, more affordable food to everyone, everywhere. To accomplish our mission, we developed a technology platform that enables us to screen plants from every corner of the planet in the search for better, healthier, and more sustainable food ingredients.  Our R&D needs represents a unique opportunity to work with a hard-driving cross-functional team of scientists, research chefs, business analysts, and engineers. If you are a hands-on problem solver, arriving at solutions to complex problems by relating food functionality to first principles in applied physics and chemistry come join us and together we will create the future of food.  

Expertise in food research and development processes including functionality of ingredients and materials (e.g. hydrocolloids)
You will bring a broad understanding of relationships between molecular and macromolecular properties (structure and function) and their contributions to complex food systems
Characterize functional/macro-molecular properties that ultimately define how we experience food
Innovate novel food model systems to screen potential ingredients for targeted functional performance in high-throughput format
Develop and run analytical tests with state-of-the-art instrumentation and translate these tests to automated systems
Creatively analyze diverse structures including solutions, suspensions, foams, emulsions, and semi-solid materials
Draw conclusions from data collected via multiple analytical techniques to create informed decisions which will be shared with cross functional teams Perform basic research that informs on product development prior to formulation
Perform research with the following subset of analytical techniques: DSC, UV/VIS-spectroscopy, DLS, particle size analysis, rheology, texture profile analysis, microscopy, contact angle goniometry, liquid handlers, microfluidics, electrochemistry

PhD or MS in Materials Chemistry, Mechanical/Chemical/Materials/Bio Engineering, Food Science, or related field will also be considered
Strong understanding of food chemistry and physics of proteins, fats, starches, and mixes thereof required
Knowledge of biochemistry is essential (plant biology, physiology a plus)
Deep knowledge of molecular, chemical, and physical aspects of food-related properties
Demonstrated experience in designing and performing experiments and coordinating multiple projects
Solid background in experimental design and data analysis and interpretation
Motivated, self-starter, resourceful, independent
Superb technical problem solving and analytical skills
Deep knowledge of how physical properties govern material structure, and therefore functionality, in food
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, team player
High quality written and oral presentations
Calm demeanor and thrives in a collaborative and fast paced environment
Experience in device prototype development and/or custom instrumentation through 3D printing, CAD design, machining is desirable