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Doist is a global, remote-first company. We build workplace productivity tools like Todoist and Twist that align with our values of ambition and balance. Our mission is to create the future we want to work in – one where people can work without distractions on things they’re passionate about, and then unplug at the end of the day with the peace-of-mind that their tasks and teamwork are accounted for.

We’re looking for freelance contributors to help produce content for our company publication, Ambition & Balance. We publish fresh and original articles, essays, guides, reviews, and opinions on today’s workplace and the role that work plays in modern life. That could be interpreted broadly to encompass a wide range of topics: productivity, teamwork, startups, remote work, leadership, career advice, psychology, neuro-/cognitive science, philosophy, behavioral economics, technology, and more. We reach hundreds of thousands of readers every month.

This isn’t your average productivity and life hacks blog. If you’re looking to write the next clickbait sensation “10 Things All Successful People Do Before 4am”, this isn’t for you (unless you’re into writing workplace satire in which case, let’s talk).


About you:

  • You love research – digging deep into a topic and finding the rich nuggets of information that bring an article to life.
  • You aren’t afraid to track down, set up interviews with, and glean interesting stories and insights from primary sources and topic experts.
  • You’re motivated by finding something unique to say, and/or synthesizing old ideas in a unique way.
  • You have “strong opinions, loosely held” and are a skeptic by nature. You rigorously question conventional wisdom and look at a topic from all angles.
  • You know how to lead readers through a journey of discovery with you, keeping them engaged from intro to conclusion.
  • You care deeply (perhaps a bit obsessively) about the craft of writing and relish the challenge of distilling complicated concepts in a clear way.
  • You spend as much, if not more, time editing your pieces as you do writing them. You’re excited to work with an editor to take your writing from good to truly awesome.
  • You have a unique voice, but don’t let it overpower your ideas. You value clear communication above all else.
  • Nice to have: Experience with writing for social media and SEO.

We don’t have a set word count. Some of our articles are 1,000 words, others are 3,000+. Both types can perform well. Interesting content and engaging writing are more important than length.

We pay well for good writing. Price per piece of work varies depending on experience. We pay more for pieces that require more primary research.


Doist is a diverse, remote-first team that’s committed to building a sustainable company that will continue to grow for decades to come. Our mission is to inspire the workplace of the future by creating simple yet powerful productivity tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way of working and living.

Some benefits include:

  • Flexible schedule and location: this is a remote freelance position, so you are free to work from wherever you please on whatever schedule works best for you
  • Joining a dynamic international team that spans 20 countries
  • Free Todoist premium vouchers

We invite you to learn more about how we work on Doist’s Ambition & Balance blog.

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