Genius is hiring a

Front End Designer / Developer

Brooklyn, United States

At Genius, designers implement what they design, which means writing code. This makes for better products that ship faster, since designers have more autonomy.

It also makes our design process more flexible. We use mock-ups to guide—rather than determine—our implementations. Since our designers write code, those implementations can go through multiple iterations quickly. So we’re able to deliver better designs, faster.


  • Work closely with other engineers, designers, and stakeholders to conceive and design beautiful, usable features—for mobile web, desktop, and our native Android and iOS apps
  • Write front-end interfaces with HTML and CSS in a Javascript framework like Angular
  • A focus on web design and interaction principles that guide us toward a more refined product, that is as easy to understand for a first-time user as for a serious contributor
  • Contribute positively to the design culture, by having an opinion on the way we do things, and having ideas about how we can improve our design team and processes
  • Identify places in both code and design that Genius can improve, and work to push our team and company forward
  • Work closely with the product team to imagine new ways Genius can exist in the world, via distribution deals (like our “Behind the Lyrics” integration with Spotify), sales and revenue projects, and as a media company (via social and content platforms)


  • Fluency in both your design program of choice and the browser’s developer tools; ability to meld visual design with user experience
  • Experience with prototyping a plus
  • Attention to visual detail; a good eye for aesthetics
  • Ability to pick up projects mid-stream that have been wired up by back-end developers, and implement design and UX
  • Strong command of CSS and browser layout model
  • Ability to write reusable, componentized styles; familiarity with CSS preprocessors
  • Experience with client-side Javascript frameworks like Angular
  • Ability to write Javascript a plus

Example Projects:

  • Reimagine profile pages for our contributors, who range from being first-time users with limited activity on the site, to obsessed users who have been with the site for years
  • Imagine the ideal ways to have the option to choose audio, video, or a synced listening experience on our highly-trafficked song pages, in both the web and our apps
  • Rethink the comments interface, figuring out ways that we can improve both the visual design and the user’s interactions, and then implement your proposed changes
  • Conceptualize new ways to contribute and interact with our lyrics and annotations on mobile, where limited screen space and the restrictions of mobile web are huge factors