LendInvest is hiring a

Front-end Engineer

London, United Kingdom

The Role

The LendInvest front-end team build online experiences that our customers use to achieve their property goals whilst our internal teams interact with business tools that help us make the business of investing and borrowing for property easier than ever before. Our platform front-ends deliver some of the most important first impressions for our business but it doesn’t end there- like any Fintech business, online remains the most important channel for our customers throughout their time with us.

We're currently building a single page app that involves lots of business logic on the client. Our challenges include:

  • Writing modular, well tested JavaScript that remains easy to maintain as the codebase and business scales
  • Keeping apace with the JavaScript ecosystem. Should we be using sagas? Is MobX something we should be thinking about?
  • Writing sane, lean CSS that works cross browser. If you have an opinion on whether we should be using Bem vs CSS nodules, we'd love to hear it.
  • Keeping the size of our assets small, we ship daily, and our customers are mobile, so we can't rely on them having 4G. We always need to be thinking about how should we split out bundles to optimise for caching.
  • Here are the skills that the people we’re looking for have:

  • Commitment - Your goal is to deliver experiences that you and your crew are proud to release to our clients and staff. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, if the crew decide something needs to change, you’ll jump in and help ensure your crew delivers the best customer experience possible.
  • What you’ll get in return:

  • Always be learning - We won’t ever expect you to do the same thing over and over. We want to give you new opportunities to become the best engineer you can be.
  • Why LendInvest?

    LendInvest is the world’s largest marketplace lender for real estate, as well as one of the UK’s most exciting FinTech companies. We are serious about using technology and innovation to make owning and affording property easier whilst providing investors with a secure asset that provides a fair return. We want to hire people who are passionate about solving big problems in an exciting, dynamic, collaborative and fun environment. We achieve success by working with exceptional people who are passionate about solving complex problems and want to help us invent the future of financial services.