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Frontend Engineer

New Delhi, India
Filling the shoes of a Front-End Engineer at SocialCops means working across three verticals – designing an eye-catching and responsive user interface, making the user experience on our platform simple and seamless, and implementing the background functionality in the most cost-effective and memory-friendly way.

That being said, your role will not be constrained to those things. People will look up to you when it comes to deciding the best infrastructure for charts, graphs, visualizations, or maps. Our front-end applications are working on Backbone JS and Vue JS along with JQuery. But if you think there's a better framework, you can always reason it out to the team. You'll also be the one interacting with the Back-End Engineers to set up integrations and design the storage and querying infrastructure. Setting up SDKs to interact with the backend over HTTP, and doing so in the most secure and object-oriented way, will be the crux of your implementations.

The ideal Front-End Engineers are thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers. They care about scale, quality, structured readable code (preferably in MVC patterns), cross-platform and cross-browser issues, and module reusability, even before approaching the problem. They take ownership for their product, know their platform in and out, and are really good with quick turn-around times for feature requests and bug fixes. Taking feedback in the most positive way and redesigning key features to become more user-friendly is what differentiates the ideal Front-End Engineers.

Technology Stack: JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone JS, Vue JS, HTML, CSS


  • Month 1 for you will be a steep learning curve. You'll grasp the key concepts of the framework you are working on and will be expected to create a fully functional prototype by the end of the first week. Your thought process and understanding of what you are building will reflect in what you build. Once that is done, you'll be working across products and technology stack thereafter.
  • As you close in to the end of the month, you will realize how much the frameworks we are working on have to offer in terms of built-in functions and framework plugins. You'll start realizing the power of what you are building. Working closely with every product, you will take a deep dive into the business logics and how we transform layman feature requests into actual functionalities for the product.


  • You are a key part of the team. You'll have a lot of dependencies, will learn from the other team members, and will start shipping production-level features and products. You are expected to be somewhere between intermediate to expert levels on your forte technology by this time.
  • You will explore and test out new technologies and also pass the knowledge to others. You will be the person that team members approach for certain specific issues across products. By now, you will have to get good at time management in terms of deliverable and side tasks.


  • You are an expert. You know everything about your product in and out. 
  • You start growing your team, getting new hires on board, and mentoring them. 
  • You become proficient at product planning and management, and start to gauge in advance what the next set of user requirements will be. 
  • You start advocating your product and codebase every day and improve continuously.

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