Whitepages is hiring a

Full Stack Software Engineer

Budapest, Hungary

Your ideal job should be one where you work in a small team and are empowered to make yourself and your team more productive on a daily basis. You should want to be part of a team where your desire to grow and learn are valued and aptly rewarded; where using and contributing to open source are looked upon as an asset; where innovating and executing are core to your teams' beliefs.

You must have...

  • A passion for building scalable web services and applications;
  • Proven experience building highly scalable and available production web apps, from glass to the database;
  • A desire to be own design and architecture end to end;
  • A philosophy of iteration and continuous improvement;
  • A B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience;
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills;

You must be...

  • Extremely knowledgeable of JavaScript, AJAX, and client/server interaction;
  • Fluent in one or more languages like Ruby, Clojure, Scala, JavaScript, Java, Python;
  • Deeply versed in internet protocols and standards;
  • Proficient with writing and optimizing cross­-browser CSS and HTML;
  • Knowledgeable of scaling techniques (caching, asynchronous/background job queues, etc.).

Extra points if you...

  • Have experience building complex web applications in a web framework (RoR or others);
  • Have written a cross­-domain JavaScript application;
  • Are unusually knowledgeable with HTTP (eg. when to use what response codes, how cache headers work, etc.);
  • Have experience with any NoSQL database;
  • Have deployed apps to the cloud (Amazon, Rackspace, Heroku, etc.);
  • Know a non­Rails Ruby web framework, especially Sinatra;
  • Have extensive experience with *nix;
In return…
Whitepages offers you a truly unique and exciting opportunity to do meaningful work in Ruby, Clojure and Scala. You’ll build real software operating at massive scale to produce insights that affect millions of users every single day. How many people can say that?!

About us:
Whitepages Inc. is a global leader in digital identity verification. Our solutions include Whitepages Premium for consumers and Whitepages Pro for businesses. Whitepages Premium provides consumers access to U.S. public records to verify contact details, mobile numbers, bankruptcy history, criminal records, and more to facilitate trusting interactions in today’s sharing economy. Whitepages Pro provides businesses with global identity verification solutions via enterprise-scale APIs and web tools to help companies identify the legitimate customers from the fraudulent ones.

Our foundation is data at massive scale. Our open search web properties serve 55 million visitors per month and account for more than 90% of free people searches in North America. To support these users, Whitepages has developed its own fully-integrated, high-availability Identity Graph database which houses more than 5 billion global identity records. These records have been curated and corroborated from hundreds of different sources and made available to our users to deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance.  Whether you are looking up an old friend, checking out someone you’ve met online, or powering a fraud solution for your enterprise, Whitepages can help you verify identities worldwide.