TFG Co is hiring a

Game Development Engineer

São Paulo, Brazil
Who we are 

TFG is the largest mobile game company in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. In 7 years, we have released over 60 games, including hits such as Sniper 3D, the leading FPS game on App Store and Google Play Store, and Colorfy, the world's most popular coloring app. Our games have been downloaded 1 billion times in 115 countries. The team started with two brothers, and now there are around 320 of us – and counting. To build the very best mobile games, we gather exceptional talent in software engineering, art and animation, product design and management, marketing and data science. 

About Us

TFG is among the 10 largest mobile gaming companies in the world, the largest in Latin America.
Throughout history, we have launched more than 70 titles and exceeded the 1 billion mark of downloads, ranking among the 20 largest app publishers in the world.
TFG was born in 2011 with two brothers, and today we are a team of over 350 people passionate about creating the best and most fun experiences for billions of players worldwide.
We are a Brazilian company with offices in Ireland and the United States, and we will not stop there.
We want to be a reference in technology in the world, developing incredible products that will impact generations. For this, we need to surround ourselves more and more with exceptional people who come and do this with us.

Who you are:

Engineers in game teams are generalists who implement all aspects of a game, such as gameplay, networking, backend and on-boarding experience. Also, they are responsible for making core decisions such as overall architecture and technology stack.

As a Game Development Engineer you will:

• Develop apps/games that will be played by millions of people every day;
• Participate in strategic decisions that can determine the success or failure of a game;
• Define what technologies will be used in development;
• Work side by side with artists and product managers;
• Collaborate with people of the highest level from other teams, such as backend, tools and data science in a fun and friendly environment.

It is not necessary to have prior game development experience!


  • 3+ years of software development professional experience;
  • Solid understanding of computer science concepts (data structures, networking, concurrency, memory management, algorithm analysis, etc).

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build the best gaming company, where everyone thrives.